Shani Pradosh, feeling on August 1, will please Mahadev in such a way that Shani will get rid of defects, happiness will come in married life

Youthtrend Religion Desk: This year, two Saturn Pradosh fasts were observed in the month of Sawan, in which one is falling on August 1, 2020. Shani Pradosh Vrat Helps in getting rid of Saturn’s wrath. Shani Pradosh is coming in the month of Sawan. During Shani Pradosh fast coming on Saturday, worship of Shani Dev is worshiped, but if Mahadev is also worshiped in it, you will get extremely auspicious results. If a person is struggling with Saturn’s half-century or Shani’s bed, then he must observe Shani Pradosh fast. Today, through this post, we are going to provide you information about the worship method of Shani Pradosh Vrat.

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This is how Shani worships Pradosh

You wake up early in the morning on Pradosh Vrat and get retired from bathing.

After that if you wear white colored clothes. Wearing white clothes is considered auspicious.

During Pradosh Vrat, you sit in front of Mahadev and light a lamp and meditate on Mahadev.

During the puja you should offer Dhatura, Bilvapatra and flowers etc. to Mahadev and anoint Mahadev with milk.

Eating Brahmins on the day of Pradosh fast is considered auspicious. You can also donate according to your capacity.

Tell me that Pradosh fast is done daily. That is why after worshiping in the evening, you should eat satvik food or fruits.

Donate these things

During Shani Pradosh fast, you should donate clothes, shoes and slippers to the needy people. This results in auspicious results.

If you want to get rid of Pitra dosha, then you must anoint Mahadev on the day of Shani Pradosh.

Offering oil to Shani Dev on the day of Shani Pradosh, frees you from the sufferings of life.

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