Here are some simple tips for getting wealth and happiness on Rakshabandhan

Youthtrend Religion Desk : Every month there is a festival in Hinduism, every festival has its own special significance, now Rakshabandhan festival On the 3rd of August, the holy festival of Rakhi will be celebrated on 3 August of Shravan Purnima, the festival of Rakshabandhan is a festival of brotherly love. The festival of Rakshabandhan is being celebrated since the time of the gods, whether mother Lakshmi had tied a rakhi to King Bali or Draupadi had tied a rakhi to Lord Krishna, in the Mahabharata, at the behest of Shri Krishna, everyone in the Pandavas army Rakhi was tied According to the scriptures, by taking some measures on Rakshabandhan, you can get wealth and opulence.

From the point of view of astrology, the festival of Rakshabandhan has been considered very important, it is said that people who have performed the sacrificial rituals, which are changed on the day of Rakshabandhan, this ritual is called Shravani Upakarma. It is said that those people in whose horoscope the Moon is in low or enemy zodiac, then those people should donate milk, rice, white clothes, etc. on the day of Rakshabandhan, by taking this remedy, their faults are removed, Apart from this, people who have Moon in the horoscope in the horoscope, they can strengthen the Moon’s condition by wearing pearls.

On this day, any person can earn benefits by Rudraabhishek with milk, apart from chanting or hanam from Om Chandram to get wealth and opulence or you can also chant Havan with this Somay Namah. You can take blessings from elder sister, mother, aunt or aunt by offering them.

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Worship Maa Lakshmi in Lakshmi Mata’s temple or at home, make milk, rice and kheer from Panchmeve and offer them and then distribute the Prasad and take it yourself. During the night, the moon should be served with milk, rice, white flowers, keep in mind that during the day time, you should take white things in food. If your Guru has taken the mantra, then worship your Guru on this day, give blessings to him by offering him, by doing so, your grace will always be on him, by doing all the measures mentioned above, you are auspicious on this auspicious festival of Rakshabandhan Benefits are obtained.

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