If there is a delay in the marriage, then do this remedy of bell-sheet on the Monday of Sawan, marriage will happen soon

Youthtrend Religion Desk : The month of Sawan is loved not only by the devotees of Shiva but also Lord Shiva himself, it is said that Mahadev himself comes to the earth in the month of Sawan, in the month of Sawan, if Lord Shiva is to be truly worshiped, then Lord Bholenath Fulfills all your wishes Whatever virgin girls are waiting for the month of Saavan every year, for fulfilling the wish of their desired life partner, there is a law for special worship of Shivji on Saavan Monday, today we are going to tell you a special remedy to be done in the month of Saavan. By doing that, virgin girls get the desired groom.

Lord Bholenath is pleased with Bel letter soon

Lord Bholenath is very naive, he is very happy with the devotion of his devotee, Belaspati is very dear to Shivshankar, therefore, Belaapatra is offered on the Shivling, only the leaves of Bel tree are called Belapatra, Lord Shivshankar without Belpatra The worship of God is never complete, the mind of Lord Bholenath is kept cool by the use of Belpatra or Bilvapatra and water, and by using it, God is pleased very soon.

How should we surrender the bell on Lord Bholenath

108 Belpatras should be offered to Lord Shiv Shankar on Monday in Sawan, before offering the Belpatra, write Lord Rama’s name with white or yellow sandalwood and offer it to Shivling, now you will think that Lord Shiva should be offered on the Belpatra to be offered to Shankar. Why to write the name of Lord Rama, then we would like to tell you that Lord Rama is very dear to Bholenath and is adorable to each other, hence the name Rama is written on Belpatra.

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What precautions should be taken while offering Belpatra to Bholenath

Just as Mahadev becomes happy by offering the ballot, in the same way, if the ballot is not offered by the right method, Bholenath can also be angry, be aware that never offer a broken or chopped bellpaper, take the same with three There are bell letters, they should be washed well and write Ram’s name on it with sandalwood, we have to write the name of Ram on the reverse side of the bell-sheet, now on Monday morning after offering water and milk on the Shivling, offer the ballot and offer it to Bholenath Let it be said that by doing this remedy, all wishes are fulfilled.

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