Fri. Feb 26th, 2021

Reliable is a loan comparison market that allows borrowers to shop for loans that meet their needs. The mortgage, Mortgage refinance, student loan, student loan refinance and personal loan. The company was founded in 2012 in San Francisco as a tool to empower borrowers to find the best rates and products.

What are the best features of Credible?

  • No hard credit.
  • Compare products and get prequalified.

Are there any reliable drawbacks?

  • If you are eligible you will only see unqualified offers coming from lenders.
  • Reliable is just a starting point; Further research into lenders is up to you.

What types of loans can you compare to reliable?

At pre-paid rates including creditable loans:

  • Personal loan.
  • Mortgage.
  • Mortgage Refinance.
  • student loan.
  • Student Loan Refinance.

Is the reliable fee a fee?

Reliable is free to use. The company earns referral fees from lenders if you apply for a loan using a credit portal.

Does Credible Affect Your Credit Score?

When you submit a request for rates, Reliable does not do any hard checks on your credit report. Instead, it does a Soft questioning, Which has no effect on your credit score. That said, you are not guaranteed to charge a prequalify rate from every lending partner.

Should you decide to proceed with a full lender application, at that time, the lender will take a deep dive into your credit with a tough credit check, which will temporarily affect your score.

How does a reliable work?

The process is quite simple. Start by selecting the type of loan you are interested in, and fill out a form request. Questions will be about your finances and your education (if you are looking Student loan refinance). You also have the option of adding information of a potential co-signer to improve your chances of eligibility. This is helpful if you do not have a lot of established credit or sufficient income.

The entire process should take about two minutes. If you are eligible for the products of any trusted partner, you will receive a list of pre-determined rates for each lender. You can use filters to further refine your list as needed.

Users can then do their independent research to further the results and choose the best loan for their needs. You can send your information directly to the lender through a creditor.

Does the reliable offer loan?

Not a reliable lender – this is a marketplace for comparing lenders. Think of it as a research tool to get a personalized snapshot of your options based on your financial situation.

Are reliable offers customer service?

If you have any questions, you can contact me via email (reliable), Phone 866-540-6005 or chat online.

A reliable marketplace is best for:

  • People shopping with debt.
  • Those who want to get an idea of ​​rates without a hard credit bridge or fees.

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