Wed. Apr 14th, 2021

PARIS (AP) – Parisian scenery was like a regular lazy weekend morning – light traffic, people splashing on sidewalks. But it was a Friday.

There are usually days of a bustling week marking the beginning of a four-week government in the country, with a lockdown imposed to fight a resurgent coronovirus in France threatening the country’s health system is.

Parisians – along with the rest of this nation of 67 million – were confined to their homes until Friday for the second time in seven months, under a presidential decree approved by the President of Parliament.

Citizens have been ordered to remain at home at all times with no visitors or at-risk fines or prosecution. They are allowed to exercise for one hour a day, or for medical appointments or to purchase essential goods.

In the popular 10th Aeronidisation neighborhood on Friday, the sidewalks were usually empty, hurrying past a few passersby and clutch lockdown exceptions – since the country’s first lockdown and known by their French name, “Verification. “

Restaurants and cafes were closed, in addition to those offering takeout, such as the bright-lit McDonald’s near the Stalingrad metro station.

The only places that were busy were the stores of essential food and goods for the residents.

Many Parisians did not have to wait for four weeks to be confined in usually cramped apartments.

The freeways around the capital descended into scenes of traffic chaos during the night as residents left the capital. French media reported that logjams have spread about 700 kilometers (435 mi) in the area around Paris, with more locations or country homes.

Many were going on an important All Saints Day holiday this weekend.

French President Emmanuel Macron said officials would be “tolerant” about families returning from holidays on Monday, but otherwise interstate travel is completely prohibited.

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