Wed. Apr 14th, 2021

Everything is big in Texas – Including, of course, the screw of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Texas held its 2018 primaries to host offices including the governor and the US Senate on Tuesday. There are plenty of signs of post-game analysis on Wednesday, stating that the state could move a large proportion of Republican-occupied red to the purple position on US electoral maps, allowing Democrats to gain an edge there are supposed to.

But the results also reveal how Democrats are vying for a renaissance in the Lone Star State and may be sickened by their national party elsewhere.

In Texas’ 7th Congressional District, Democrats are optimistic about ousting Republican Reps John Coulberson. It is one of those suburban areas where residents probably are not so thrilled with President Donald Trump; While district Won by hand It was flipped for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in 2012 by Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in 2012. Culberson also has some weaknesses when it comes to leaving his constituents on the gallows On matters related to the storm, Which the Democrats are thinking is ripe for the raise.

Here is where things went wrong. A group of candidates were running for Democratic authority over Culberson, and DCCC decided that one, Laura Moser, was too progressive to win. The committee therefore turned negative against him, portraying him as a carabigger as a very unusual move to release opposition research. and it was Unscrupulous protest researchTo boot, a comment that she did not want to return to her Texas hometown as if she had said she never wanted her to live in Texas again, period. (She had already returned to the state from DC for the record.)

The effort to pull Moser was such an obstacle that Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez was forced to move in It was a mistake. And the whole thing also backfired from the DCCC’s point of view, as Moser finished second in the vote, sending him into a run-off against first-place finisher Lizzie Panile Fletcher in May.

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“We have to fix our broken politics – and it starts with rejecting the system where Washington Party bosses tell us who to choose,” Moser Said in an advertisement. “We tried that first and see where we got it.”

In fact, it’s hard not to smell the stink of the 2016 primaries in this race, when the DNC soon decided that Clinton was its candidate, whether it was out of the actual elections. (No, it is by no means “rigged.”) Our revolution, which stemmed from the unexpectedly vigorous presidential campaign of independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, supported Moser at the end of his race. Labor, too, looks as if it will be its back, as Fletcher’s law firm has done Some bad anti-union acts. It is possible that the election in May will be tight.

DCCC has two lessons to overcome from its goal, then, And concentrate second In which it is located across the country. The first is that the National Democratic Party needs to realize in many places that its brand is so toxic that asking voters to do one thing basically guarantees that they will do something else. This is especially true after the 2016 election, when an alleged slam dunk swears in the presidency of a reality television actor.

Intervention also has the potential to make everyone’s lives more difficult. To understand that DCCC did not want Moser in the race, it is now not only likely that he wins the nomination, but also the case that the news cycle focuses on one of the favorite topics of political media: dissident Democrats, one Unable to get their act together.

More importantly, national elections and advisors need to stop trying to suppress an old model in every election. According to pundits and prophets, in order to win in traditionally conservative places, Democrats need to voice and act like Republicans. Perhaps, however, this is not the case: they may just need to be sound and act differently than other Democrats. If it means anti-corporate, inequality-centric populism that calls for single-payer health care, then it might work.

I, of course, do not know for sure what is going to happen in a particular election. Neither, however, are Democrats dictating from a high level. DCCC should focus on keeping whackadoodles and nutjobs out of the race, and not completely acceptable candidates who want to try something different.

Certainly, some districts need Republican-lite. But perhaps an entirely new brand of progressive politics, which does not say, Sell ​​the country wall street Historically, Democrats in some parts of the country may also be reluctant to contest. We will not know until someone tries. And DCCC needs to be returned when they do.

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