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Colombo, Sri Lanka – For the first time under the new laws imposed to prevent the spread of coronovirus, Sri Lankan police have arrested dozens of people for wearing masks and failing to maintain social distinctions.

Police spokesman Ajit Rohana said 39 people were detained, and separately, another 221 were held for violating the curfew.

Since Thursday, the government has imposed curfew throughout the western province, where new outbreaks at a textile factory and the main fish market were discovered earlier this month. It also includes the capital Colombo, where about 30% of the 22 million population lives.

Infection from both groups has increased to 6,945 as of Saturday, including 633 in the last 24 hours, leading to more than 10,000 confirmed cases in the island nation, including 19 deaths.

What is being done here to make you aware of that?

– State leaders are facing a second wave to curb the virus.

– Parisians evacuate sidewalks as they enter France’s lockdown

– The second test of the drug COVID-19 has suffered a setback

– A multi-state coronavirus virus in Election Day countdown has exposed a clear divide between President Donald Trump’s rapid embrace of normalcy and a return to immediate public warnings from the government’s top health officials.

– European countries have called for the World Health Organization to independently investigate the outbreak and give more and more powers to countries to provide more data after the agency’s numerous deficiencies following the devastating coronavirus epidemic.

– The Day of the Dead will undoubtedly be torn down by coronoviruses for Latina families across America this year. The annual Mexican tradition of reminiscing about departed loved ones is usually celebrated on November 1-2.

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Canberra, Australia – Australia has announced that it spent 500 million Australian dollars ($ 351 million) as “shared recovery for our region from the pandemic” to secure COVID-19 vaccines for the Pacific and South East Asia. Will do.

The government said that it would use advance purchase agreements with manufacturers through the Global COVAX Facility Scheme, which aims to ensure the sharing of the virus vaccine with all countries.

“We are earning an additional AU $ 500 million over three years towards this effort,” it said. “The funds will further help ensure that countries in the Pacific and East Timor are able to receive full immunization coverage, and will contribute significantly to meeting the needs of South-East Asia.

“A fast, safe vaccine rollout … means that we are able to return to the region on a more normal journey with our usual travel, tourism and business.”

Meanwhile, Victoria State officials on Saturday reported just one new case of COVID-19, a weekend of greater social freedom as Melbourne residents.

Statistics from the state’s health department show an average of 2.4 new cases per day for the last 14 days.

Lack of restrictions means that families can go to each other’s homes. The 25-kilometer (15-mile) travel limit still remains, and 10 people are still overshadowed by outdoor gatherings.

FRANKFORT, Ky. – Kentucky reported an almost-record number of new coronovirus cases on Friday, as the growing outbreak continued to send more people to hospitals, Andy Beshear said.

“This is a dangerous time. We are moving the wrong way, ”the Democratic governor said, urging him to wear masks in public to protect himself and those around him.

Beshear reported 1,941 new COVID-19 cases – the second-highest statewide daily total since the epidemic – and 15 more virus-related deaths.

The state’s positivity rate peaked at 6.19% – the highest level since May 6, he said.

The recent increase has led to hospitalization. On Friday, 974 patients were hospitalized in Kentucky due to the virus, the governor said, bringing COVID-19 patients to 241 in intensive care.

“Remember, the more cases, the more people in the hospital, the more people in the ICU and the more people die,” Beshar said.

Total statewide COVID-19 cases exceeded 105,000, and the virus-related death toll reached at least 1,476. The latest deaths announced included people between the ages of 39 and 91.

ORLANDO, Fla. – Walt Disney World says it plans to lay off more than 11,000 unionized workers due to the new coronovirus, which has led to epidemic-related job casualties at about 18,000 positions at the Florida resort.

Disney World said in a letter to state and local leaders on Thursday that 11,350 union workers – mostly part-time – will be laid off at the end of the year. Company officials previously said that another 6,400 non-employee Disney employees in Florida would lose their jobs.

Earlier this week, 720 Disney World actors and singers were laid off, as many live entertainment shows at Florida resorts have gone dark, according to the Actors Equity Association, which represents the labor union artists.

The layoffs are part of a decision by The Walt Disney Company last month to eliminate 28,000 positions in its parks division in California and Florida due to the epidemic.

Disney’s parks closed last spring as coronaviruses began to spread in the US and Florida parks again banned this summer for how many people could be in the parks at any time and social distance and new requirements for wearing masks . California Park is yet to reopen due to restrictions by the state of California.

TOPEKA, Kan. – Masks are required for Kansas counties, which see about half of new coronovirus infections, which are not mandated to cover the face as counties, a study has found, because recording statewide levels Has risen again.

The “Do Mask Mask”, created by the Institute for Policy and Social Research at the University of Kansas, found that counties saw a decrease in their seven-day rolling average cases per 100,000 population starting 14 days after the mandate. . Was released.

“Masks, it’s important to note, don’t eliminate COVID, but they significantly slow the spread of the disease – at least here in Kansas,” a video by the institute’s director Donna K. Ginther presented the study’s findings said in. The Kansas City Star reported that the Institute of Policy and Social Research at the University of Kansas has monitored the impact of COVID-19.

Kansas Village. Laura Kelly tried to issue a statewide facade mandate in the summer, but most of the state’s 105 counties opted out. This week, Kelly and top Republicans have agreed to try to convince counties that are coronovirus hot spots to implement mask requirements rather than stepping up the state. .

Counties without masked mandates have seen an average increase of seven cases per 100,000 cases per day. Ginther said that in September, those counties with a masked mandate began to have higher case rates than counties.

“We have found a 50% reduction in the prevalence of COVID-19 in counties without a mask mandate,” Ginther said.

NEW YORK CITY – Coronoviruses can spread more widely in homes than previous research, and according to a new study, children can transmit it at the same rate as adults.

The study shows how important it is for those who test positive to isolate themselves within a home, and for them and everyone else to wear masks when they are in common areas, researchers he said.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention released the study on Friday. Researchers focused on 101 homes in Tennessee and Wisconsin.

In each household, after one person was diagnosed, other household members agreed to undergo nasal swab or saliva tests and keep symptom diaries. About 300 people attended. About 100 were previously identified as infected and another 200 lived with them.

About 53% of household members tested positive, and were first diagnosed within five days of the person becoming ill. Previous studies have estimated secondary infection rates at about half.

SAO PAULO – On Thursday, four tourists were arrested in Brazil, the most beautiful beaches in the world for misdemeanor COVID-19 tests in an attempt to say something.

According to a statement posted on the island’s official website, two men and two women were arrested after landing in Fernando de Noronha, a group in the North Norland Islands. The Brazilian, who took a private jet and arrived on Wednesday night, was charged with falsifying documents, using false documents and criminal association.

Users of TripAdvisor rated Sancho Bay of Fernando de Noronha in 2020 as the top beach in the world.

Fernando de Noronha reopened to tourists on 10 October, requiring COVID-19 tests that showed negative results and not taking the day before departure. Visitors presented test results that were done three days before their arrival.

KNOXVILLE, TENNEY. – Three tigers from the Tennessee Zoo are in quarantine after a positive test for coronovirus, according to a Friday news report from Knoxville.

The Knoxville News Sentinel reported that the United States Department of Agriculture’s National Veterinary Lab confirmed the positive test for Bashir.

Two other tigers, 11-year-old male Tanvir and 6-year-old female Arya are positive, while their trials are underway. All three animals have experienced mild cough, lethargy and loss of appetite.

SIOUX FALLS, SD – South Dakota broke its record for new coronavirus infections reported in a day on Friday as 1,560 people tested positive.

According to the Health Department, the new virus cases brought the statewide number of cases to 13,520. This means that currently one in every 65 people has an active infection. According to Johns Hopkins researchers, the state has been ranked second for new cases per capita in the past two weeks. There were approximately 1,359 new cases per 100,000 people.

The Health Department also reported 12 new deaths, bringing the number of COVID-19 deaths to 415 since the epidemic began. October was the deadliest month in the state as health officials reported 192 deaths in the month.

The number of hospitalizations decreased from 10 people to 403, one run was broken, where hospitalization achieved new heights for five consecutive days. About 31% of general care hospital beds and 37% ICU beds are available in the state.

BALTIMORE – According to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University, there are now 9 million confirmed cases in the US, as infections are increasing in almost every state.

It took two weeks to reach the mark from 8 million, the fastest jump of 1 million. It took more than three weeks for the total to grow from 7 million to 8 million.

Confirmed US cases are increasing in 47 states. Deaths are 14% in the last two weeks, more than 800 every day. The virus has now killed more than 229,000 Americans.

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