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Every year, shopkeepers And anticipated reserves Black friday And the shopping frenzy inspires it. Shopping is a lot different this year, thanks to the coronovirus epidemic, stores are still starting promotions for Black Friday, with some deals being revealed early and announcing their plans for online and in-store bargain hunters .

Based on these initial announcements, what we saw on Prime Day, which was in October this year, and what we’ve seen during the last Black Friday, are the items that will likely see the biggest Black Friday discounts.

  • Wireless earbuds.
  • Smart Home Products.
  • 4K television.
  • Household goods and appliances.

Note that during this year, Black Friday is not a day, but an entire season. It is smart to start searching for deals in early November.

Wireless earbuds

Last Black Friday dropped prices for Apple’s AirPods from $ 15 to $ 30. But shoppers can expect even bigger discounts this year. During Prime day, The AirPods Pro was available for $ 199, which was $ 50 off the full price. This upgraded version of Apple’s original AirPods was new to the scene during Black Friday 2019, and we saw a significant reduction in it.

Meanwhile, regular AirPods, which are versions with a wired charging case, fell to $ 114 on Prime Day this year ($ 45 off the full price). Walmart has already advertised for its three Black Friday events at $ 99, which closed on November 4.

AirPods are not your only option. To compete on Prime Day this year, Best Buy introduced JBL Free True Wireless In-Ear Headphones for $ 59.99, which is $ 90 off the full price. And Amazon has offered a single-day discount on its EcoBuds until 2020, bringing the price to $ 89.99 or $ 40 less than the full price.

Given that deep discounts on popular products help in creating stores Black friday promotions, It is likely that shoppers will see the same or better on wireless earbuds across the board this year.

Smart Home Products

Smart home technology has become a Black Friday fixture over the past several years. And as Google, Amazon and Apple continue to develop their product lines, which brings discounts on new and old models.

This Prime Day, Amazon featured its lowest price on its Echo Dot, a third-generation model that was released in the fall of 2019. It dropped the price to just $ 18.99. It also dropped its Echo Show 5 Smart Screen, which came in summer 2019 at the lowest price of $ 44.99. For Black Friday, shoppers should look for discounts on Amazon’s fourth-generation smart speakers, which are new this fall, especially because Apple just announced their Apple HomePod Mini Smart Speaker. Meanwhile, Google has its own Nest line of smart speakers and screens – and a history of offering pricing to compete with Amazon’s counterparts.

This is all good news for shoppers, whether they want to upgrade their old Smart home device, Get a smart hub, screen or speaker for the first time or add a smart device to another room.

Smart Video Doorbells will see a dramatic price drop on Black Friday. Basic ring video doorbells fell below $ 70 on Prime Day, and high-end video doorbells received good discounts.

4K television

Talking about TV pricing on Black Friday, retailers carry the envelope every year. And even though in-store doorbusters of your own may not be safe or viable this year, retailers are already hinting that they are going to entice shoppers to partake of the new TV on their holiday shopping list in 2020 Huh.

In early October, Best Buy offered a sneak peek at some of its Black Friday deals and revealed that it would offer a 70-inch Samsung 4K Smart TV on Black Friday for $ 529.99. This is about $ 20 less than the prices offered on similar sets on previous Black Friday.

Meanwhile, Walmart is putting up Tv deals Front and center for the second events of its Black Friday, which is closed from 11 November. For example, you can get a 55-inch 4K TCL TV for $ 148, which is less than $ 50 compared to retailers given that screen size. year. Walmart is also offering a 50-inch ONN 4K TV for $ 128, which is about $ 20 less than Walmart’s own Black Friday price on the Black Friday 2019 set.

Given these early indicators, it is likely that TV will be priced to sell on Black Friday this year.

Household goods and appliances

Vacuum, pressure cooker and air fryer have been purchasing Smart Black Friday for years. And with many Americans spending more time at home, retailers will likely have to place these items front and center in their Black Friday ads.

For example, Lowe’s has already announced that his Black Friday and Holiday season deals This year homage will be paid. It will offer up to $ 700 for major appliances priced at $ 1,999 or more from November 19 to December 19, as well as on things like small appliances, floor care products, lighting, decor and more through Daily 2 ” Cyber ​​theft “. .

As prices shoppers might expect, Amazon offered up to $ 200 on several high-end robot spaces during Prime Day.

On Amazon Prime Day, Best Sale offered the iRobot Roomba 960 for $ 200 during its sale. And Walmart is offering a 600-series rumba vacuum for $ 177 ($ 67 off full price) during its first Black Friday event in November. 4. Kitchen gadgets are another promising category. Based on previous years, Prime Day pricing and sales from competing retailers during Prime Day, Black Friday shoppers will easily get 6-quart instant pots for less than $ 50 and up to 50% off an air fryer.

While small home appliances may not be the most glamorous Black Friday, they are things that can be used every day – and gifts that may get a little more appreciation this year.

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