Wed. Apr 14th, 2021

President Donald Trump An international trade war began last week, hanging over the president of Mexico because he would not agree to pay for Trump’s border wall and announced that he favored confiscation of guns without due process (a Position from which he quickly retreated). These issues have something in common (other than Trump) that is wrong in American politics today.

as discussed (here And here) During the 2016 campaign, both trade and immigration constitute a particular type of problem: each benefits the larger society, thereby increasing the standard of living not only of the country but of the whole country. Yet both lose; For example, various studies show that immigration already results in higher incomes for high-income people – but lower wages for the less-skilled.

Such “wedge issues” are used by politicians to drive Americans, but none for the benefit of these politicians. They are a means of exploiting people’s misfortunes by turning them into anger – and then turning that anger into a vote. They are not exercises in constructing creative solutions to problems through compromise, consensus or common cause. And they all deserve a moment of single watershed, in which Ronald Reagan turned American politics into unrelated practice in selfishness, even today, when he asked Americans to vote alone on the basis of one question: what You are not a country as a whole, or others, but you – Better today than you were four years ago?

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Yes, politics is largely about self-interest, and even the framers believed that a balance of self-interest, not messianic dreaming, was a central requirement of stable democracy. But the nation’s leaders used to ask us for a vision – even when the ultimate goal was personal freedom and self-interview – each of us individually, apart from one America. “Don’t ask what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” “Are you better?”

Trump is apathy of this morally maligned politics. Has any human ever been so clearly interested in nothing? Despite his faux populism, his agenda in office has a mix of standard-issue tax breaks aimed almost entirely at his fellow plutocrats and banana-republican self-enrichment. Even his concept of “making America great again” is about nuclear interests, not the notion of “America” ​​embracing all or even the most, Of us, weaving together to form a society: a “greater good” beyond personal grievance? Global leadership? moral values? As Robert D. Kaplan recently wrote The national interest (By no means a liberal publication), “[Trump] His call for protectionism and a narrowly defined American self-interest have also rejected American foreign policy of any genuine, uplifting purpose – another sure sign of decline. “We are, in short, a country. Lose morally, One Wall completely in selfishness.

Whatever the underlying themes of Trumpism racial, sexual, and economic resentment, Trump has chosen the demise of trade, immigration, and preventive industries as his chisel to isolate American society, as it has led to an all-out tremendous for America. A subgroup that pays the price for the overall advance is the profit made. Ethics – as well as a practical relationship to political reality and social peace – suggests that some of the benefits of progress are redistributed to its victims; In fact, it can be considered the core of “progressivism”. But as Democrats have become the “Party of the Ascendants” left behind by the world economy – largely older, white, religious, conservative men with lower levels of education living in rural or outlying areas – it Not all seem attractive or worthy of solitude for “progressivists” nowadays. In lieu of adequate solutions, Trumpism is left to exploit the resulting unfairness and resentment to tear broad progress and all social cohesion.

This is exemplified in the current polarization of guns, as well as a point brought home by Douglas High School student Emma Gonzalez. Gonzalez said gun advocates believe their rights mean the right to live for children living at gunpoint. This has been a repeated libertarian argument since the Parkland firing – but liberals should be careful that all rights must be balanced against other concerns: the right to a fair trial, or against cruel and unusual punishment, Or just to free speech. Did not go ahead with the sensibilities of the government or others. However, as I wrote After these shootings, most of us impose non-government restrictions on our rights and voluntarily accept to live in a society that works with others and helps in production. This is called decency.

The point being made today about the gun debate is the complete reluctance of society to make the necessary compromises, as opposed to the reluctant collection of individuals. We are no longer interested in anyone else’s view or anyone else’s rights. As Gonzalez summarized the situation, “My! My! My! My!”

The incident has not helped Trump’s sudden announcement, such as on many other issues, that the answer is to empower his own ID and to worry about constitutional rights, if at all. We do not really need a great leader who believes that he alone can solve our problems as a society – although this is a fascinating solution to a growing and fearful number of Americans. Rather, we need a society ready to solve our problems. As a society.

It is clear that we no longer live in such a world. We live fast, rather, in neighborhoods where no one disagrees, read the news that does not challenge our views, choose your definition of truth as we do our music, and never let anyone else in our The choice does not have to be adjusted. Neither politics, governments nor countries, as we know they will live in such an environment. The question is whether such concepts are common good, or compromise, willful.

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