Wed. Apr 14th, 2021

Graham, NC (AP) – A. The vote-out-vote rally ended with North carolina Officials say the sprinkling of police pepper and arresting participants was the result of blocking the roadway without authorization.

Graham police said on Saturday they warned the crowd in the Almans County courtyard to go by road before spraying pepper and later arresting eight people.

A press release from the department stated that traffic was not allowed to be blocked in March organized by Reverend Greg Drummite. Drumhamite initially asked police and the Alamance County Sheriff’s Office if officers could block the roadway for rally members, but that request never materialized, because Dramwright “missed the deadline,” Graham police said.

Police said attendees stopped the road for about nine minutes, creating “traffic back up in all directions around the court”.

Later, police asked the crowd to disperse, giving them a five-minute warning to leave the roadway.

As time passed, police said they left the spray “directly” on the ground toward any participant, not any.

The “I’m Change” march for the elections was organized by activist Droomright, and began as a march from a local church to the courthouse.

Drumwright said the group was given permission to stand in the courthouse square and was evacuated through the streets by police. He also said that the group had no intention of holding a rally in the street.

Dramright said in a Facebook Live video that we are fed up with such treatment in Alamance County and Graham City. “Both of those law entities … collapsed to suppress peaceful organizers who today were not only to vote, but to end system oppression and racial disputes.”

Lindsay Ayling, a graduate student and anti-racist activist who attended the rally, said the Associated Press police used tear gas on children indiscriminately and for no reason on the crowd.

“Police were looking for pepper spray and an excuse to arrest members of the crowd,” she said.

Saturday is the last day for early voting in North Carolina, a major battleground President Donald Trump needs to win to increase his chances of defeating Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein called the incidents “disturbing”, adding that election officials told him that polling places remained open and people continued to vote.

“Democrat member Stein said,” All qualified voters in North Carolina have the constitutional right to cast their vote safely and securely without intimidation or intimidation.

Since the death of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis Police in May, a Confederate memorial outside the Alamance County courtyard has been a local target of demonstrations. Floyd, a black man, was killed when a white officer pressed his knee on Floyd’s neck for several minutes.

Drumright said he would have a press conference Sunday afternoon at 12:30 at the Tucker Street apartment in Burlington, where he is.

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