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By Jonathan, ZEKE MILLER, JIL COLVIN and ALEXANDRA JAFFE, Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) – President Donald Trump made Florida the nation’s most prized battleground, and he and Democrat Joe Biden Wednesday focused on three northern industrial states – Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania – in determining which Who White Wins May Prove. House.

Four years after Trump became the first Republican in a generation to capture a trio of states, they were again deployed to influence the direction of the presidential election. Trump placed several states, including Texas, Iowa and Ohio, where Biden made a strong play in the final stages of the campaign.

As of early Wednesday, neither candidate required 270 electoral college votes to win. The tight overall competition depicted a deeply polarized nation, struggling to respond to the worst health crisis in more than a century, curbing millions of lost jobs and racial injustice.

Trump, in his morning appearance at the White House, made premature claims of victory in several major states and said he would take the election to the Supreme Court. It was not clear what legal action he could try to pursue.

Many states allow mailed votes to be accepted after the election, as long as they were postponed until Tuesday. It also includes Pennsylvania, where ballots can be accepted postmarked until November 3, when they reach three days after the election.

Trump suggested that those ballots should not be counted. But Biden, briefly before supporters in Delaware, urges patience, saying, “The election is not over until every vote is counted, every ballot is counted.”

“It’s not Mary or Donald Trump who has won this election,” Biden said. “This is the decision of the American people.”

Initial results were in flux at several major battlegrounds as election officials historically processed large numbers of mail-in votes. Democrats usually beat Republicans in mail voting, while the GOP appears on the ballot in Election Day. This means that the initial margin between candidates could be affected by what kind of votes – initial or election day – were being reported by the states.

Throughout the campaign, Trump expressed skepticism about the integrity of the election and repeatedly suggested that mail-in ballots – which could be counted after Election Day and expected a Democratic tilt in many states – Should not be counted Both campaigns had teams of lawyers ready to go to the battlefield when there was a legal challenge.

Biden won several states where Trump sought to compete, including New Hampshire and Minnesota. But Florida was the largest, fiercely battleground on the map, with both campaigns battling 29 electoral college votes that went to Trump.

The president adopted Florida as his new home state, wooed his Latino community, particularly Cuban-Americans, and held frequent rallies there. For his part, Biden deployed his top surrogate – President Barack Obama – twice in the campaign’s closing days and benefited from a $ 100 million pledge from Michael Bloomberg to the state.

Control of the Senate was at stake, too: Democrats needed three seats if Biden took over the White House to gain control of Washington for the first time in a decade. But Republicans retained many seats that were considered unsafe, including Iowa, Texas, and Kansas.

The parties traded a pair of seats in other results: Democratic former Colorado government John Hickenlooper defeated incumbent Sen. Corey Gardner, and Republican Alabama Tommy Tuberville knocked over Sen. Dog Jones. The House was expected to remain under democratic control.

As soon as the presidential results came, the nation agreed to an outcome that might not have been known for days.

Outside the White House, a new anti-scaling fence was erected, and in cities ranging from New York to Denver to Minneapolis, workers did business that led to the vote unrest.

The epidemic – and Trump’s handling – was the inevitable focus for 2020.

For Trump, the election stood as a decision in his four years in office, a term in which he berated Washington for his will, challenging faith in his institutions and changing how America looked around the world Gone. While trying to unify a country divided on the basis of caste and class, he has often acted as a rebel against the government, weakening the country’s scientists, bureaucracy and media.

From early voting to election day, long lines lined up at polling places across the country as an energetic voter. Turnout was high in many counties in 2016, including all of Florida, nearly every county in North Carolina, and more than 100 counties in both Georgia and Texas. It seems certain that more counties were going to increase as their turnout figures came out.

Voters cash in on Coronovirus’s concerns, threaten polling place threats and expect longer lines due to changes in the voting system, but did not appear as it easily surpassed the 139 million ballots cast years ago Will go.

Outside highlights of the presidential election Tuesday, no major problems were revealed: Some polling places opened late, dacoits misinformed voters in Iowa and Michigan, and machines or software malfunctioned in some counties in the battlegrounds of Ohio, Pennsylvania. Have become. Georgia and Texas.

The cyber security agency at the Department of Homeland Security said there were no signs of any malicious activity until noon.

With coronoviruses now growing afresh, voters topped the epidemic and economy in the race between Trump and Biden, according to AP Votecast, a national poll of voters.

The public health crisis, in particular, was touted by voters as the country’s most important issue, with the economy lagging behind. Some people named health care, racism, law enforcement, immigration or climate change

The poll found that Trump’s leadership played a large role in voters’ decision making. About two-thirds of voters said their vote was about Trump – either for or against him.

Jaffe reported from Wilmington, Delaware. Miller reported from Washington. Associated Press writers Robert Burns, Kevin Freaking, Amer Madhoney, Deb Richman and Will Weisser in Washington, Bill Barrow and Halleluah Hadero in Atlanta, Jeff Martin in Cobb County, Georgia, Thomas Beaumont in Des Moines, Juan Lozano in Houston, Corey Williams . West Bloomfield, Michigan, Conte McCormack in Concord, New Hampshire, and Natalie Pompilio contributed to this report.

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