Fri. Feb 26th, 2021

Presidential race Wednesday was inconclusive as all eyes were on the five major states where the competition between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden was intense.

One of the outstanding contests, Wisconsin was called for Biden on Wednesday afternoon. But a national winner based on other states’ vote totals would be unlikely to work systematically to process huge swats of mail-in ballots by state election officials on Wednesday night, Thursday, or later.

The epidemic has resulted in high-level officials in most states from processing ballots before election day to mail-in ballots and state laws where vote totals have not yet been met.

Both Biden and Trump still have many paths to victory. Significant changes can be seen in the race as mail-in ballots, diagonally toward Biden, are counted.

Here are the things that stand out and when we can expect to see a full vote count in the five battlegrounds, where the Associated Press has not yet produced a winner:

Nevada: Biden gave Trump a lead of 7,600 votes or 0.6% in Nevada, where 75% of the total projected vote is reported. Officials said early Wednesday that all the in-person initial votes, election day votes and mail-in ballots received by Monday had already been counted. The state said it still has to count all mail-in ballots received on Tuesday, provisional ballots and any ballots received in the coming days but postmarked by Election Day. The next update for the state’s vote totals is expected to be at or after 11 a.m. Eastern Time on Thursday.

Michigan: According to the AP, Biden is with 38,000 votes or 0.7 points in Michigan with 99% of the total projected vote. The state still counts for roughly 100,000 postal ballots, Michigan Secretary Joaqueline Benson said on Wednesday afternoon. Benson said he believes that the majority of the outstanding ballots will be processed by Wednesday. Trump’s legal team filed a lawsuit on Wednesday, seeking to block the counting of votes on the pretense that his campaign had not been allowed access to the counting process.

Georgia: Trump has 78,000 votes or 1.6 points, according to the AP, which is the lead in Biden, where 95% of the expected vote is reported. Georgia Secretary of State Ben Raffensparger said Wednesday that the state has yet to count nearly 200,000 votes, including some 74,000 ballots from Fulton County, the state’s most populous county that includes Atlanta and to vote overwhelmingly Democratic goes. Raffensparger said he is pushing election officials to process outstanding ballots by the end of Wednesday.

Photos: Election Night in America

United States - NOVEMBER 3: Shannon Epstein, left, and Becca Carlson see election results showing on Tuesday, November 3, 2020, at McPherson Square in Washington.  Photo (Caroline Badman / CQ-Roll Call, via Getty) images)

Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania officials had long warned that it could take several days to process all mail-in ballots. Trump is leading the state by 383,000 votes, or 6.5 points, with an estimated 84% of the expected vote, according to AP. Officials said Wednesday that they still had to count about 1.3 million mail-in ballots, which is expected to be in Biden’s favor. It may take common people at least one more day to count the remaining ballots. Under a ruling by the state’s Supreme Court, ballots received by Friday will be counted until they are marked as Election Day.

North Carolina: According to the AP, Trump is 94% of the total vote expected in North Carolina with an increase of 77,000 votes or 1.4 points. According to officials, the state has about 117,000 postal ballots outstanding. Some of those who requested those ballots may have voted or would not have sent their ballot, meaning that the actual number being processed will run out. It is also unclear how many provisional ballots. Officials said they do not expect to update the vote totals by 12 November or 12 November. 13. North Carolina will accept the ballots by 12 November. Mail-in ballots are expected to be heavily skewed toward Democrats.

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