Fri. Feb 26th, 2021

In his writing, Kuisac was highlighting the relationship between the Italian mafia group known as’ Naurangathe and the country’s public administration. The Italian crime syndicate is making money through various schemes – from value-tax fraud to EU subsidies to organic “farming” of barren areas – with possible knowledge of Slovak authorities. It was also revealed that Maria Troskova, former personal assistant to Prime Minister Robert Fico, and her national security adviser, William Jason, worked jointly as business partners with members of ‘Naurangatheta’. When the Italian authorities informed Slovak about the magnitude of the problem, the police took no action.

To ensure that complaints about corruption and cronyism are nothing new in the part of the world that freed itself from the shackles of communism less than 30 years ago. Economic change and privatization offered opportunities for well-connected people – for those with ties to communist regimes – to become rich very quickly, experiences for many to live an independent, democratic and increasingly prosperous society To sour Czechs, Slovaks, Poles and Hungarians who were not very lucky. The notion of inappropriate speakers, even though by most objective standards of inequality, Central European societies are doing very well.

Yet, to see a clear connection between organized crime and politics in full daylight has also become too much for Slovak, hardened by decades of corruption scandals, poor government procurement and poor quality of public services. Like her murdered fiance, Martina Kusinrova, a trained archaeologist, Kuisak was only 27 years old. The two were planning to get married in May.

Following the mass protests that took place across the country on Friday night, the basic legitimacy of the government’s system is at stake under Slovakia – one that was sold to them as a liberal, Western-style democracy. Despite Slovakia’s prosperity (the real per capita income has more than doubled since the country’s independence in 1993), its membership in the European Union and the Eurozone, and its good international standing, makes it inevitable that many people want their country’s democracy Will see him as a criminal. Practice including killing.

This can have fatal consequences, especially if Fico continues to spoil the mood in the country (on Monday). The accused George Soros promoted a new color revolution in the country). Compared to Slovakia, authoritarian populists Hungary And Poland Power entered after relatively small scandals. With the promise of a large popular mandate and a clean house, both the Law and Justice Party in Poland and the Fides in Hungary packed the judiciary with political judiciary and began to crack political discontent, independent media and civil society.

Slovakia lacks democracies that would claim that an extraordinary position would be needed to destroy the nexus of politics and organized crime. It is not difficult to see why voters can be receptive to such messages, especially if the main ruling party closes the ranks. But going that route risks the division of the country’s powers, checks and balances, and its fragile governance.

Alternatively, the moment of crisis can be used as an opportunity for real political renewal, striking a balance between the determination necessary to fight organized crime and the protection of the country’s damaged political and legal institutions. .

For that, the current cabinet will have to go and allow a caretaker government to lead the country until an early election can be called. Paradoxically, the current governing coalition – composed of Fico’s Social Democrats, liberal nationalists and a centrist Hungarian party – was formed in March 2016 as a clear mobilization against extremism, following an election that favored the Nehru-People’s Party Neo-Nazis introduced in our Slovakia, Parliament. But on its current course, it will inevitably reinforce extremism that a growing number of Slovaks are appearing as a shameful form of democracy.

European institutions and the West, including United States of americaThere is an important opportunity for help. Many of those who are losing faith in Slovakia’s democracy are still watching with hope in Brussels and Washington. In addition to assisting the investigation, which must involve foreign experts to be credible, Western governments should make it clear that they stand with Slovakia’s journalists, democratic forces, and civil society – including reaching them directly and financing them Providing is included. And other support whenever necessary. Otherwise, there is a real risk that Slovakia will join a growing list of countries away from the path of liberal democracy and rule of law.

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