Fri. Feb 26th, 2021

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ATLANTA (AP) – Democratic Caroline Bourdeck has defeated a suburban Atlanta congressional district by defeating Republican Rich McCormick.

The counting of absentee ballots and counting of person votes continued for a long time on the night of the last election, a tense wait before the race can be called Friday.

Bordeaux came close to winning in 2018, with less than 500 votes to defeat Republican incumbent Reb Woodall in that race. Woodall did not seek another term in the North East District of Atlanta.

Bourdeaux is a college professor who previously worked in government. He emphasized expanded health care in his campaign and, using the momentum built two years ago, inspired McCormick, an emergency room physician and Marine Corps veteran, to bid for the office for the first time.

This is the first time Democrats have won the seat since Buddy Darden lost to Republican Bob Brar in the 1994 US House GOP takeover, reflecting the district’s rapidly diversifying population.

Bordo tweeted on Friday, “We are not alone in this seat.” “Many thanks to every volunteer, activist, organizer, employee and voter who put their time and energy into this campaign. It’s because of you that we’re changing Georgia Blue.”

McCormick had no immediate comment after calling the race on Friday. Campaign spokesman John Simpson said McCormick planned to make a statement when the remaining votes were counted in Gwinnet County, where the majority of the district’s voters live.

Bordeaux, given his background as a public policy professor and former budget director for the Georgia State Senate, took a plan-heavy approach to his race. He barely stopped after the 2018 loss to Woodall, winning a majority against a crowded Democratic constituency that sniffed the opportunity in the northeastern suburbs.

McCormick, with heavy support by free-trade, the Anti-Regulation Club for Growth, also won outright against overwhelming primary opposition. McCormick sought to appeal to migrants and Native Americans with an emphasis on development and economic opportunity, in a debate that dismissed the government as a “necessary evil”.

Bourdeaux and McCormick collided most on health care and the COVID-19 epidemic. Democrats pushed for more expansionary government support for health care, while McCormick called for furthering the rules under former President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul.

Borndaw asked McCormick for Republicans’ lackadaisical approach to epidemiological precautions, while McCormick questioned his physician’s expertise and emphasized economic reintegration as coronovirus cases declined.

In the neighboring 6th District, Democrat Lucy McBath was reelected on Tuesday, defeating Karen Handel in the rematch of the 2018 election. A former Georgia state secretary, Handel was incumbent in the district, which covers parts of Cobb, Fulton, and the DeKalb counties after losing to MacBath.

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