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In the world of Learning tableau, a data-driven business, can give you a leg up in getting a job and advancing your career. Whether in marketing, operations, strategic planning, product development, human resources or other aspects of business, data helps companies make better decisions.

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Drawing insights from data and presenting them in ways that people understand can be a challenge. Tableau gives you the power to do both with an integrated platform that has been in use for almost 20 years. To begin using tableaux, use this guide to find resources and gain skills.


Tableau is a visual data analytics system based on research conducted at Stanford University.

The software allows people to locate data and make better decisions based on what they can see. It is faster, easier for beginners and provides more power for more experienced users.

The main reason for using Tableau is that it provides several options for analyzing and presenting data.

For a start, it is easy to get started with Tableau. A drag-and-drop interface allows you to instantiate data in visualization.

“As a beginner, in about 10 minutes you can figure out how to create the three most effective chart types: bar charts, line graphs and scatter plots,” Ryan, founder of data and data writer at data analytics consulting firm Playair Sleeper says books on learning and using tableaux.

The initial ease of use can make it difficult to believe how much power a tableau provides. Although it does not require coding, a rich programming language supports advanced applications. For example, users can also “invent new charts, more than any other tool I’ve come across,” says Sleeper.

Compatible with many popular data sources including Tableau Excel And Google Sheets; Multiple databases; Business software; And common statistical languages. Tableau also works with programming languages ​​such as R, Python And mean.

This means that Tableau can operate in typical corporate computing environments, which may make companies like the package more.

Another reason for the tableau’s popularity is that Salesforce, a cloud-based customer relationship management company, bought the business in 2019. The acquisition gave even more exposure to the visual analytics tool, which had already attracted attention and users. Today, Tableau Public has about 750,000 registered users, its free version.

The combination of tableau of strength, compatibility and visibility can open up job opportunities for people well versed in the tool. The situations in which tableau can be used include data analysts and business intelligence experts. Some jobs may include the software name in their title, such as a tableau administrator, designer, or developer.

Tableaux have been compared by pros and cons as to why learning software makes sense.

  • Compared to Excel, Tableau has more ability to implement visualization.
  • Unlike Python, Tableau allows you to quickly get started with point-and-click capabilities to reestablish your foothold and then add programming when it suits you.
  • A strong user community provides opportunities to expand your tableau knowledge and get help when necessary.

  • Some versions of Tableau are more expensive than Excel or Python.
  • Tableau takes work getting beyond the basics. “To get to the point where you not only know all the features of the tool, but you are an analyst. You are fast and have the design skills to separate things from the page, which makes a lot of thinking and refining.” Says Ryan Jox, CEO of consulting and training firm Data Crunch.

Tableau offers multiple versions at different prices.

  • Tableau Desktop: This is the most basic basis for creating analytical content such as visualization and data dashboards. A 14-day trial gives you a chance to get your feet wet before paying.
  • Tableau Public: It is a free version of Tableau Desktop that lets beginners learn software. The only hitch is that you save the data in the cloud, and it’s all public. This is great for learning, but you don’t want to use it on company information, as both sleepers and jokes indicate. You will also need to find data to work with, although it can be anything from sports statistics to information about a community project.
  • Tableau Preparation: This set of tools helps to connect to the data and prepare it for analysis. Typically, it is licensed with Tableau desktop.

Tableau also has many hosting and distribution options. If you are in an IT department or want to help your company expand tableau usage, weigh these options.

  • Tableau online: Cloud hosting by Tableau reduces set-up time and hardware and maintenance costs. With this version, a company buys, licenses and makes tableaux available over an Internet connection.
  • Tableau Server: This version lets a company host to provide data analytics capabilities to any number of employees.
  • Tableau Mobile: Tableau app allows a company to provide employees with data analytics and dashboards via Tableau Online or Tableau Server.

The license bundle costs $ 70 per month for individuals. The value for teams depends on the number of members and how each is using the software.

There are many resources for learning tableaux, including free videos and online tutorials. As you explore ways to start a tableau or sharpen your skills, here are some tools to consider.

Tableau video

  • Tableau Software: The company has Free video Which can help build your skills. “I started with free training videos on the site,” says Chris Grant, data strategy and analytics supervisor at advertising agency Dixon Scoball. “They give you a very solid foundation.”
  • Educa Tableau Training: With instructions on how to perform specific tasks in a six-hour full training course, Edurca provides training materials through it. Youtube channel.
  • Tableau training for simple beginners: If you want a step-by-step approach, the Simpilorian video tutorials cover why visualization tools are used, how to set up tableaux and create popular charts. Part 1 And 2 of this video Highly recommended by the audience.

Online tableau course

  • Tableau Software: The company offers online course For $ 10 per month on Tableau Desktop and Tableau Preparation. Tableau Online or Tableau Server Online classes cost $ 5 per month. Six weeks Tableau certificate The training costs $ 800. Additionally, on-demand Webinars Registration is free with.
  • DevelopIntelligence: This training firm has a range of customized Tableau courses, Including boot camps for novices, programs for new hires and training for experienced developers. Inquiry for pricing.

Best tableau books

Tableau website and forum

  • In addition to offering software for free, Tableau public Provides learning methods with a depicted view showing the use of the tool. The company also The blog With examples of visualization and analysis.
  • AppsforTableau, Which gives tableau extensions, regularly blogs about tips and tricks.
  • Developer Rajiv Pandey shared his suggestions and information The blog.
  • Another developer, Klaus Schult, features Tableau examples Contains information on her blog and how to achieve the same result.

Tableau community

  • Tableau’s own Community Is active and supportive. Available resources include forums, user groups, and events.
  • Reddit A Tableau section Where you can find news, visual examples and more.
  • You can get access to open-source tools Tableau open source.

Getting started with Tableau is quick and relatively easy, given the range of different versions available, its user-friendly tools and learning resources. Jokes says that in “minutes to hours”, you can make basic charts. Grant says that during the two-week trial period, he became at least initially as efficient as he should be.

An important advantage of Tableau is its drag-and-drop interface. But it can take longer to master all the ins and outs. Keep in mind: You are only as good as your ability to create a story that explains what the collection of data means.

If you are committed to learning and improving your tableau’s analysis and design skills, and tap into the program’s rich capabilities, you will take your abilities to new levels.

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