Wed. Apr 14th, 2021

By Brian SLODYSKO, The Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) – A handful of states swept the US presidential race on Friday. The results of the contests in Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Nevada will determine whether Democrats Joe Biden or President Donald Trump win.

The solidly Republican state of Alaska has also not been called because it only counts 50% and will not release absent numbers until November 10. Results are not expected to be affected.

The Associated Press reviews the states that will determine the presidency:

Georgia: Outstanding votes remain to be counted and a razor-thin margin

Background: What follows are a razor-thin margin and ongoing counting of calls that are calling for very early between Georgia President Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Votes are still being counted across the state, though from several counties where Biden was prominent.

Biden entered Tally’s masterful past on Friday morning, ahead of less than 1,100 votes by nearly 5 million ballots – a lead of nearly 0.022 percentage points. Under Georgia state law, a candidate may request a request if the margin is within 0.5 percentage points.

Electoral research conducted by AP found that there have been at least 31 statewide recursions since 2000. Three of them changed the result of the election. The starting margins in those races were 137 votes, 215 votes and 261 votes.

In all 31 counts, the largest innings of results were 0.1%, in the run-up to Vermont’s auditor in 2006. It was a low turnout in which one candidate won by 137 votes in the preliminary results. The candidates eventually lost by 102 votes for a swing of 239 votes.

The average change in margin between the top two candidates was 0.019 percentage points.

NEVADA: Race too early to call; The counting of votes will continue for several more days.

Background: Democrat Joe Biden leads less than 1 percentage point in Nevada over President Donald Trump, counting with more than 1.2 million ballots.

Election officials in Nevada then on Thursday issued updated returns, including a batch of 14,285 and 12,189 ballots, in the state’s two largest counties, Clark and Washoe, respectively.

Overall, officials have increased slightly more than three-quarters of the state’s expected vote. Under state law, ballots posted by Election Day will still be counted if they arrive by Tuesday. 10. Clark County said Thursday that counting its mail votes was not expected to be completed by the end of this week.

Nevada has provisional ballots this year among the ballots being processed this year, including 60,000 in Clark County, where the majority of the state’s voters live. Those ballots were mostly selected by voters who were registered on Election Day and would be counted after the officials had verified their eligibility for inclusion.

In a tight race, AP may be delayed to be declared the winner. For example, in 2004 George W.W. In the fight between Bush and John Kerry, the AP did not call the winner of the election in Ohio until it was able to confirm that Bush’s leadership exceeded the number of provisional ballots left to be counted. Has gone.

Nevada, once a swing state, has moved toward Democrats over the past decade. Trump lost Nevada in 2016. Bush was the last Republican to win there in 2004.

Biden leads in Nevada by 11,438 votes.

North Carolina: Too early to call. Ballot papers left to count.

Background: Trump claimed ahead of time Wednesday that he conquered the state.

“We have clearly won North Carolina, where we are 1.7%, 77,000 votes with only about 5% left. They can’t catch us, “he said during an appearance at the White House. Trump also said that he planned to contest the US presidential election before the Supreme Court. It was not clear, in fact, what legal action he might pursue.

Although Trump is correct that he has a nearly 77,000-vote lead, which he maintained Thursday morning, it would be too early to say statewide, with 116,000 mail ballots counted for the race, as well as about 41,000 provisional ballots.

By the time those ballots are postmarked by November 3, state election officials have until November 12 to count them. And when it comes to mail ballots, Biden fared better than Trump. This means that yet-to-be-counted ballots can give Biden an edge.

PENNSYLVANIA: Thousands of ballots left to count.

BACKGROUND: There is a close margin and a large number of outstanding votes that are too quick to call a Pennsylvania contest between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Democrats opened a lead of nearly 6,000 votes over Trump on Friday morning, casting more than 6.5 million votes – a lead of less than 0.1%. State law dictates that if there is less than 0.5% difference between the two candidates then there should be a synergy.

Election officials are not allowed to process mail-in ballots until election day under state law. This is a form of voting that has been heavily skewed in favor of Biden after Trump claimed for months without any evidence that voting by mail would lead to widespread voter fraud.

Mail ballots from across the state overshadowed Biden’s direction.

It is also likely that the race will not be scheduled for days. If there is a difference of less than half a percentage between Biden and Trump’s vote totals, state law decides that a reconnaissance should be taken.

Democrats had long considered Pennsylvania a part of their “blue wall” – a trifecta that also includes Wisconsin and Michigan – that served as a bulwark in presidential elections for years. In 2016, Trump won each by less than a percentage point.

Biden, who was born in Scranton, claims favorite-son status in the state and has long held that he was Pennsylvania’s “third senator” while representing his decades of neighboring Delaware. He campaigned extensively in the state from his home in Delaware.

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