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Note: Some tour providers on this list may stop operating due to COVID-19. Check with your tour operator about availability before you book.

From humpback whales and spinner dolphins to cool sea turtles, Hawaii’s beautiful seas are full of wildlife. Observation of these creatures, as well as KauaiDramatically rocks, a catamaran, kayak or even inflatable raft are best done by water riding. US News selected the following 10 boat tours as the best after analyzing the opinions of both passenger and expert.

Kayak Adventures – Kayak Adventures

Paddle your way through Velua River On this five-hour excursion which is limited to 12 people. During the tour, you will also hike through Velua Rainforest to Uluwehi Waterfalls for a swim. Along the way, the guides share information about the ancient history and culture of the region, which is a national historical site. Travelers especially enjoy the hike and say the guides are friendly and informative. Cacaires also say the lunch included is delicious. Trips depart daily, except Sundays at 7:45 and 8:45, with tickets costing approximately $ 85 for adults and $ 65 for children, who must be at least 5 years old to attend. . Kayak Adventures also offers afternoon tours.

Holo Holo Charters – Nepali Sunset Cruise

If a sunset sail tops your air-to-do list, consider this 3 1/2-hour cruise. Riding the company’s 65-foot catamaran, you’ll be treated to sunset, rocky cliffs, sea caves and views of local marine life. Nepali coast. Cruises are limited to 49 passengers. The tour includes a full hot buffet dinner, as well as My Tass, beer and wine. Tourgoers described the crew exceptional, spectacular views and said the food is delicious. Tickets start at $ 13 for participants and $ 139 for older and $ 119 for ages 5 to 12. Children under 5 are not allowed on the cruise. Tours depart daily, but the departure season varies. Holo Holo Charters also offers snorkeling cruises and a day tour, departed by neighboring Niihau Island.

Blue Dolphin Charters – Niahu + Nepali Coast Snorkel & Scuba Tour

Discover the Nepalese coast and the island of Niihau on this 7 1/2-hour tour, which also offers the chance to snorkel or scuba dive off the coast of Niihau. The trip also includes a buffet lunch with unlimited beer, wine and My Tass. Travelers saw a lot of wildlife and praised the friendly crew. Tours are generally available on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays with a check-in time of 6 am. Tickets cost approximately $ 235 for adults over 18 and $ 210 for ages 12 to 17, and $ 180 for ages 5 to 11. Children under 5 are not allowed to tour, and scuba diving costs extra. The Blue Dolphin does some other snorkel and scuba cruise as well as whale watching trips.

Kauai Sea Tours – Nepali Coast Rough Adventure

Be prepared to get wet on this tour, which rides on a rigid-hull inflatable raft. Thanks to the design of the boat, it can enter sea caves, go under waterfalls and hug the coast, allowing passengers a closer look at nature. Participants have the opportunity to enjoy a continental breakfast, buffet lunch and non-clean drinks during the tour. Tour-takers praise the crew and say that they enjoy views and plenty of wildlife. Others should be careful not to miss the ride. 5 1/2-hour trips depart during the year at 7:15 pm, and additional tours are offered at 9:30 am and 1:30 pm from September to September. Tickets start at $ 145 for children over the age of 13 and $ 115 for children ages 7 to 12. The company also offers a seasonal variation of this adventure which includes a walking tour of Nu’alolo Kai State Park (which is on the Nepalese coast). Also cruising on traditional boats.

Na Pali Coast Tours – See West Side Site Tour

On this three-hour tour, travelers depart the west side of Kauai to see the Nepalese coast, as well as wildlife such as dolphins, whales, sea turtles and more. Wear a swimsuit or clothes that can get wet because you will need to climb a ladder to get into waist-deep water and climb the boat. Kudos provide for the passenger crew and relish views on the cruise. Tickets cost approximately $ 135 per person, and travel departs at 1:30 pm Children under 4 are not allowed. Na Pali Coast Tours also operates some snorkel tours, among other options.

Set sail along the Nepalese coast during a trip with Captain Andy.(Courtesy of Captain Andy)

Captain Andy – Classic Nepali Snorkel Picnic Sale

Situated in a 55-foot catamaran, the cruise includes a trip to Kauai’s Nepalese coast, snorkeling in a tropical reef, as well as a continental breakfast, lunch, desserts and drinks (including beer and wine). You will also earn about the history of the area. Travelers enjoy the scenery and wildlife seen on this cruise. They also praise the food. Ticket prices are approximately $ 165 for adults and $ 125 for children ages 3 to 12. Children under 3 are not allowed. Tourism departs daily at 8 am and lasts approximately 5 1/2 hours. Captain Andy also offered DinnerPips as well as dinner and sunset.

Catamaran Kahnu – Kauai whale watching tour

For those wanting to see whales in Hawaii, this Caterman Cruise is just the ticket. From December to March, animal hobbyists will have a chance to see humpback whales as they live in the waters of Hawaii to care for newborn calves. Travelers can also see other wildlife such as dolphins and sea turtles. Tourgoers reported seeing lots of whales and dolphins and described the crew as passionate and knowledgeable. Tickets cost around $ 75 for ages 18 and over, $ 70 for teens and $ 55 for youth ages 5 to 12. Children must be at least 5 years of age to join the cruise. The tours are daily at 3:45 pm and last for about 2 1/2 hours. Catamaran Kahnu also offers a boat tour around the Nepali coast.

Makana Charters & Tours – Makana 12 Passengers

Makana – This five-hour tour in a 32-foot catamaran, includes exploration of sea caves, lunch and snorkeling at Nyolo Kai, one of the island’s best beaches. A native Hawaiian family owns and operates the company. What’s more, the boat does not take out more than 12 snorkelers at once. Passengers particularly enjoy the coastal scenery and say the crew is very attentive. Select tickets from the tour departing at 8 am or 1:30 pm cost approximately $ 13 for adults and $ 13 for children ages 13 and $ 130 for children ages 9 to 12. Passengers must be 9 years old to ride. The company offers a wide variety of tours of the Nepalese coast in boats of all sizes.

Blue Ocean Adventure Tours – Nepali Coast + Beach Landing Adventure

You will see dolphins, whales and sea turtles on this six-hour tour, through the Nepalese coast and past waterfalls and sea caves, along the way. An attraction for travelers – the cruise also includes a stop for snorkeling on the uninhabited Naolo Kai beach, a buffet lunch and a stroll in an ancient Hawaiian fishing village. Tourism departs during the year at 7 am and 12:30 pm. Tickets cost approximately $ 195 for ages 12 and $ 175 for ages 6 to 12. Children must be at least 6 years old to join the tour. Blue Ocean also conducts seasonal whale tours.

Kayak Crow – Hanali Blue Lagoon Paddle & Snorkel

Spend four hours in the sea and in and around rivers Hanalei Bay On this beautiful adventure. There is ample opportunity to collect shells and birdwatches, looking for dolphins and sea turtles. The tour also includes a lunch with juice and bottled water. Tour-takers say the guides are friendly and knowledgeable, and especially enjoy the river portion of the trip. Tickets start at $ 105 for ages 13 and $ 95 for children ages 5 to 12. Children must be at least 5 years old to participate. Tourism is started daily at 9 am. Kayak Kaua also offers kayaking trips on the Lahariya River among other tours.

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