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Note: Some tour providers on this list may stop operating due to COVID-19. Check with your tour operator about availability before you book.

Is known worldwide for River walk And Spanish influence, San Antonio There is a Texas locale that you do not want to miss. Tourists regularly roam around the city Charm, Visit DateTrips to learn about the colorful history of the surrounding area and to sample its famous Tex-Mex cuisine. One way to see all this is with the help of a local. After consulting the opinions of both expert and traveler, US News determined the following 10 tours to be the best available. Whether you want to explore the city on foot or beat the Texas Heat in a comfortable ride, one of these tours suits your interests and budget.

San Antonio Detros – San Antonio Missions Tour

Although Alamo The most famous mission in San Antonio, the city is actually home to many of these Catholic heritage sites. This van visits San Antonio Missions National Historical Park To see the Concepción, San José, San Juan Capistrano and Espada missions, which settle to the south of the city. As the guides take you to the sites, you will learn about the mission’s historical significance and life in San Antonio during the 1700s. Tour guides regularly win the playdit for being both knowledgeable and entertaining. The three-hour tour starts at 10 am on Mondays and Thursdays and 1 pm on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Ticket prices are approximately $ 40. San Antonio offers several other tours to the city of Detroit and the surrounding hill country.

City Cytites San Antonio – Bus + River Walk Cruise

Less ideal for visitors over time, this walk combines a hop-on, hop-off bus trip with a 40-minute boat cruise down the San Antonio River. Stops along the bus route include the Alamo, Market Square, San Fernando Cathedral, To San Antonio Museum of Art And the Tower of America, among others. According to the passengers, the boat cruise has entertaining and informative guides. However, visitors review the bus tour portion mixed. Some say the route is an easy way to see the sights, while others complain of waiting longer for buses, saying that the area’s hotels have too many stops. Tickets cost around $ 80 for adults and $ 5 to 11 for children; Online discounts available. Price includes a bus pass that is valid for 48 hours and a boat ride, as well as water, breakfast and coupons for local eateries. Buses run every 20 minutes from 8:40 am to 5:30 pm. You can also buy a ticket for a bus tour without a river cruise.

Sisters Grimm Ghost Tours – The Ghost Bus Tour

Visit this 2 1/2-hour bus ride to a historic cemetery, the city’s former Red-Light District, Old Bexer County Jail, and Texas’ most haunted hotel. Tour-takers regularly praise entertaining guides for their skillful storytelling. They also say that the stories are not very scary, but are rooted in local history. Tourism is usually offered Monday to Saturday at 8 pm, but availability varies by season. Tickets start at $ 40 per person. Visits are not recommended for children and teens 15 and younger. Sisters Grimm conducts a number of similar themed outings, including a walking tour and a haunted pub crawl.

Gray Line Tour – Texas Hill Country and San Antonio to LBJ Wrench Tour

This day trip takes travelers to some of the top destinations outside of San Antonio. Lyndon B. before driving through Hill Country. Start your day at Johnson National Historical Park. You will stop in the city of Fredericksburg where you can enjoy lunch or wine tasting, or visit the National Museum of the Pacific War. The excursion also includes a tour of a local winery and the city of Luckbach, known for its musical history. Patrons usually find this guide both fun and informative. Tickets for a travel cost of approximately eight hours around $ 110, which includes round-trip transportation from select hotels, but excludes admission to museums (other than the LBJ Ranch grounds), food and beverages. The tour starts daily at 9 a.m. The Gray Line offers a half-day walk through the history of San Antonio, as well as a craft beer outing.

SA Food Tours – Downtown Delicacy

San Antonio’s dining scene exceeds that of Tex-Mex, for which it is known, and the tour takes food eager to sample the city’s best bites. The three-hour, 1 1/2-mile walking tour stops at five restaurants and other area sites. Along the way, the guides share insights about the city’s food as well as its culture and history. Flavors may include a Cuban sandwich, guacamole, pastries and desserts. The foods guide is personalized and well-informed. They enjoy the food, however, some say that the amount does not justify the cost. Tickets are offered on Saturdays and Sundays from 1 to 4 pm, with tickets starting at $ 53. Groups capped at 12 participants. SA Food Tours also takes private walks.

The city’s River Walk attracts visitors for its scenery, shopping and dining.Getty Images

Go Rio San Antonio River Cruise – Narrated River Cruise

This boat ride passes through the city’s River Walk area, as guides provide commentary about its architecture, heritage and culture. La Villita (the city’s first neighborhood), the Briscoe Western Art Museum and Selena’s Bridge are among the sights flaring with barges with 35 minutes of cruises. Riders appreciate the views from the boat as well as the historical information provided by the guides. Others want the ride to be longer. Boats are launched every 15 minutes between 9 am and 10 pm. Ticket prices are around $ 15 (with discounts for local residents, children and seniors). Go also operates the ghats of the Rio River.

Cottonwood Wine Tours – Taste of Fredericksburg

Fredericksburg, which is located in the middle of Texas Hill Country, boasts several dozen wins, and the tour takes wine enthusiasts for two of them before letting participants explore the city on their own. The tour also includes round-trip transportation to Fredericksburg, located about 70 miles northwest of San Antonio, snack snacks, as well as tasting fees at the two included stops. Onofiles guides knowledge about wine and winemaking knowledge. The price of about $ 125 does not include lunch in the city. In total, the outing lasts for about 6 1/2 hours, from 10 am to 4:30 pm daily. Cottonwood Wine Tours offers several other beer and wine focused campaigns in the area.

Amigo Walking Tours – King William District Tour

The King William Historic District of San Antonio was named for King William I of Prussia by German immigrants who began developing the region in the 19th century. The nearly 90-minute, mile-long walking tour of the historic neighborhood provides insight into the district’s people, history and culture. The reviewers described the guides as passionate, experienced and friendly. Amigo Walking Tours does not charge any fee for this outing, although the guide’s welcome tips and reservations are required. Programs for tours are released on a monthly basis, usually a few weeks in advance. In addition to the King William District Tour, the Amigo Walking Tours takes a walk on the city of San Antonio as well as private tours.

Craft Cruiser – Brewery Tour

Due to San Antonio’s burial roster of microbreweries, the city has become a destination for beer lovers. To help navigate the ever-changing local brewery scene, consider this four-hour tour from a craft cruiser. Beer buffs gather at the Grönler Exchange before noon to visit three different breweries. Typical breweries known may vary from one weekend to the next and may include Kunstler Brewing, Highwheel Beerworks and Middleton Brewing Company. Usually patrons find drivers courteous, professional and helpful. Tours are offered on Saturdays and Sundays only. Tickets start at $ 35 per person and include transportation between breweries, a souvenir and a brewery. Upgradation of an all-inclusive ticket for unlimited samples across three breweries. Food can be purchased separately. The company also offers private and custom tours.

Nation Tours – Historic Landmarks and Almo Segway Tours

In this two-hour expedition ride the Segway to some of San Antonio’s major historical sites and most popular attractions. This tour route includes many other notable places such as St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Buckhorn Salon and Museum, Alamo, Menger Hotel, The Tower of the Americas and Hemistair Park. Inexperienced Segway riders find the guides helpful and patient, while tour-takers generally consider it a fun way to see the city. Tourism starts daily at 9 am. The approximately $ 70 ticket includes the use of a Segway, how to operate it and (required) the use of a helmet. Participants must be 14 years or older for the tour. The company offers a sightseeing tour of San Antonio as well as a haunted evening tour.

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