Fri. Feb 26th, 2021

Atlantea (AP) – Republican US Sen. David David and Democrat John Osoff will face a 5 run up for Perdew’s Senate seat on January 5 in Georgia.

Liberal candidate Shane Hazel was able to get enough votes so that neither Purdue or Ossoff could clear the 50% threshold needed for a lump sum win.

Absentee ballots and the votes of thousands needed to be counted quickly after the election night had passed, a long and tense wait before the race could be made.

This competition has already seen heavy spending from outside groups on both sides and is likely to cost millions more dollars which will propel the state forward.

The race between Ossoff and Perdew, a close aide of President Donald Trump, has been characterized by sharp-hitting advertising but relatively liberal political positions.

Both candidates won for Trump in the state four years ago, but where suburban swaths have indicated disenchantment with the president.

Perdew sought to support Ossoff’s “radical socialist agenda”, while Ossoff portrayed Perdew as a “corrupt” Washington insider who has been part of a botched pandemic response.

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