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Note: Some tour providers on this list may stop operating due to COVID-19. Check with your tour operator about availability before you book.

In these guided tours Puerto Vallarta, Which earn high marks from experts and travelers alike, offer visitors plenty of opportunities to explore the region’s natural landscape and its ample animal and plant life. Whether travelers are hoping to line up on trees and rivers, ride daggamari through the countryside, swim with dolphins or enjoy local delicacies, this experience will leave everyone beyond their resort Craving a limitless adventure offers something.

Estigo Tours – Sierra Madre – ATV Mountain Adventure

If you are exploring the landscapes, vistas, and villages outside the tourist areas of Puerto Vallarta, then you can get a four-hour ride for vehicles from all areas to tour for you. The route is as follows Malecón, Trails along the Kuala River and forest areas in the Sierra Madre Mountains. Also, you will chant from villages outside the city. Most of the riding takes place off-road, but portions of the journey will be on cobstone paths. Tour-guides call this expression a very fun thank you for adapting the guides. Travelers also give a review of mountain climbing. A rider (with a valid driver’s license) and a passenger (who must be at least 6 years old) costs about $ 80 for a rider. Food or drinks are not included in the price. The tour takes place twice every day except Sunday starts at 9 am and 2:30 pm. The company also offers a combined ATV tour with a zip line experience along with other options.

Wildlife Connection – Whale and Dolphin Watching

Many varieties of humpback whales, dolphins and other marine life can be seen in the waters of Puerto Vallarta from late December to early March, which is when Wildlife Connection conducts its biologist-led tours. During a 4 1/2-hour boat trip, your guide will teach you everything about animals and will share some of the wildlife connection research. Travelers generally find the trips both educational and highly enjoyable. They also provide an opportunity to observe various sea creatures closely. These seasonal outings occur twice daily starting at 8 am and 12:30 pm (Dolphin lovers can opt for a morning walk, when sightings can be higher.) Tickets cost about $ 12 for participants and older and $ 4 to 11 for children $ 55. ; There is no charge for infants. A light breakfast or lunch is provided. The Wildlife Connection runs several other wildlife tours, many of which include turtle sightings.

Shiutla Riders – Beginner, Rio Clay

Guides regularly earn playdits for novice ATV riders for their knowledge and navigational skills during this tour. Following some instruction, the Ziutla riders run through the city into rivers and mountains. The ride stops at a bar in the forest for food and drinks (at your cost) and a swim. The tours are offered twice daily at 9 am and 3 pm and last for 3 1/2-hour. Tickets cost about 1,380 pesos (about $ 55) for individual riders and 1,620 pesos (about $ 65) for a driver with a passenger. A valid driver’s license is required. Xiutla Riders offers long-term tours for intermediate and advanced ATV drivers.

Vallarta Eats Food Tours – Tacos After Dark

Spend an evening sampling Mexico’s acclaimed street food on this 3 1/2-hour walking tour. While groups of more than 10 food stroll from one food cart or restaurant to the next, the guides provide insight into the county’s food and other cultural traditions. Taco lovers consistently give high marks to enthusiastic guides and describe the food as adequate and excellent. Tours depart Puerto Vallarta’s Old Town every evening except Saturdays at 6:30 and 7 pm. The approximately $ 55 fee covers food and non-beverages. (Alcohol can be purchased separately.) Hungry for more? Try an untouched tour of the company that tries to give you a taste of what the locals actually eat.

Puerto Vallarta Tours – Dune Buggy and Canopy

Ideal for visitors looking for adventure, this four-hour walk includes dunes buggy rides along the coastal highway and mountains, tequila samples through dirt roads, and zip lining above the jungle roof. You will stop for a meal in the city of El Noglito. Critics state that the employee is professional and sociable. However, others complain that the trip has not been allocated enough time for the adventure components of the trip. Prices vary depending on the number of people per vehicle; A couple can expect to pay around $ 315. The cost includes the use of four-wheeled vehicles as well as tequila samples, but does not include food. The tours are offered twice daily at 9:30 am and 1:30 pm. The company offers a variety of other tours, including zip lining, horse riding and boat tours.

Marigalan Pirate Ship – Day Tour

Hop on a wooden pirate ship for a swashbuckling experience. Although you will visit the island of Mazahiutas, where you will have the opportunity to snorkel, swim and kayak, the real draw of this trip is the onboard experience. The crew members completed a pirate-themed show with music, dance and acrobatics. Passengers are also provided with a full breakfast, lunch and an open bar. Travelers usually describe travel as very fun and a great trip for families. Others were disappointed with the service. Tours depart Puerto Vallarta’s Maritime Terminal every day except Sunday and return six hours later. Tickets cost $ 155 for adults and $ 120 for children. An evening version of this tour is also available.

Vallarta Adventures – Isles Mariatus Eco Discovery
Snorkel, swim, kayak or paddleboard in the waters around the Marietta Islands on this day’s cruise. Although you will not set foot on the islands themselves, you will see their breathtaking beauty from the water and ride the Vallarta Adventures ‘Catamaran’. The voyage includes a sea voyage to Majuitus. Guides provide information about sea life in the Bay of Bandaras (including dolphins and, during winter, whales), and tour-takers find their commentary entertaining. Tickets cost approximately $ 90 for participants 12 and older and $ 60 for children 4 to 11. Lunch and use of snorkeling gear and paddleboards are included in the price. Seven hours of tours are offered every day, in addition to starting at 8 am on Mondays. If you want to travel to Marieta Island, check out the hidden beach trip from the company’s Marieta Islands.

Whale watching is a popular winter activity in Puerto Vallarta.Getty Images

Ocean Friendly Tours – Whale Watching Ocean Safari

The guides earn top marks from passengers for providing sufficient information about the humpback whale and the Bandaros Bay ecosystem during their five-hour sailing. According to the reviewers, the tour gives ample time to see whales and take incredible photos. In addition, the company provides travelers with a bird-watching guide to help identify the various seabird species of the bay. Tours are available in the second week of December, in late March, when humpback whales are often seen in the area. Boats depart Mulel Los Pines Ferries at 9 am daily. Tickets cost around 2,950 pesos (about $ 118), including lunch. Ocean Friendly Tours offers a four-hour version of the tour as well as private charters.

Puerto Vallarta Cycling – Fat Bike Graffiti & Graffiti Tour

The mural movement of Mexico dates back to the 1920s and is still a prevalent tradition. With this three-hour tour, you can see some of Puerto Vallarta’s best street art and murals, as well as enjoy some exercise by riding a thick bike (a bicycle with oversized tires). The journey of about 8 miles follows a route outside the tourist area that is safe to ride. The leaders won accolades for their informative commentary and for their efforts to keep the participants safe and comfortable. Tickets start at 1,475 pesos (about $ 60) and include the use of bikes and helmets as well as snacks and refreshments. This artistic journey begins at 8 am on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, beginning with cycling Puerto Vallarta. Bukerias, Among other options.

Indio Adventures – Zip Line Adventure

Sail over the umbrella of the crescent forest in Puerto Vallarta during this half-day zip line tour. During the excursion, you will travel along 10 different zip lines, taste the local tequila and may even go for a swim. Satisfied zip-liners consistently call this activity a lot of fun and find guides for both professionals and entertainers. Excursions are offered several times per day, with a five-hour outing cost starting at 9 a.m. for about 1,170 pesos (about $ 47), including transportation between area hotels and Canopy Indio Adventure Park. Lunch and tequila are available at a Riverside restaurant after zip lining, but meals are not included in the tour price. Note that there is some hiking and climbing between the various zip lines.

In addition to riding on zip lines at an altitude of 500 feet above the ground, this 3 1/2-hour expedition includes a tequila tasting and an animal sanctuary visiting iguanas, turtles, exotic birds and more. Weather permitting, you will also have the chance to swim or kayak in the Los Horcos River. For many travelers, the highlight of this tour is the professional, welcoming staff. Tickets for children are priced around $ 100 and there is a discount for those who leave parts of the zip line for the trip. Price includes round-trip transportation hotel And cruise ship Ports; It does not include food. Every day has many starts except Sundays.

Vallarta Food Tours – Taste of Hives

To sample a variety of regional food, visit El Pittil, a small town away from the city of Puerto Vallarta. The approximately three-hour walk is for both family-owned restaurants and a total of seven stops on the road. You can sample birria, a meat stew that originated in the state of Jalisco; Carnitas, slow-cooked pork; And seafood tostadas. Along the way, guides share information about the region’s history and local cuisine with folklore. Generally foods provide high marks for both enjoyable guides and delicious food. Tours depart Gazebo in the main ground of Ptlal on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday at 10:30 am. Mile-long guided walks and tastings are about $ 50 for adults, $ 45 for teens and about $ 40 for participants ages 5 to 12. . Vallarta Food Tours also runs a food tour in the city of Puerto Vallarta, among other options.

EcoTours de Mexico – Wild dolphins and snorkeling in the Los Arcos combo

An ideal outing for wildlife lovers, this boat trip begins with an informal lecture on the biology and ecology of dolphins before exiting Los Arcos Marine Park to see these creatures (and other colorful fish) in the wild. Gives details of. Tourists may also be able to swim with dolphins, if conditions permit. The guides are known to be exceptionally knowledgeable and helpful. The 3 1/2-hour tour begins at 8:30 am on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays at Marina Vallarta. Trips cost around $ 90 for adults and $ 75 for children 4 to 11. (Children 3 and younger, as well as pregnant women, may not attend the tour.) Price snorkeling gear as well as a Includes the use of light lunch. EcoTours de Mexico also operates a series of bird watching tours.

Wild Trex Adventures – ATV or RZR + Canopy

Adventure lovers – this tour is for you. In addition to driving or riding an ATV or RZR (a large vehicle capable of holding multiple passengers), you will also drop 11 different zip lines. The tour also includes time to relax or relax in a hammock with tequila tasting. Tour-takers applaud the guide for his commitment to safety and his good humor. Tickets start at about 1,260 pesos (about $ 50) for adults and 900 pesos (about $ 36) for children. The price for this three-hour adventure includes the use of four-wheelers and safety equipment as well as a sample of tequila. Keep in mind: There are age requirements for drivers and riders. Wild Treks Adventures also hosts a river adventure with ATVs or RZRs, in addition to many other adventure-themed outings.

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