Tue. Mar 2nd, 2021

Dreaming of the seaside days spent sweeping the margaritas? Do your best to make a scene at home. First, head to Pinterest or browse the Internet to find recipes such as salsa, margaritas and guacamole this one By The Guamacologist at The Ritz-Carlton, Dallas. Then, take out your festive-themed kitchen items and decorate for the occasion. Bed Bath & Beyond is a fun sells Margarita Set With a pot and glasses, and you can also buy one Frozen Margarita Maker. Why not order a pinnet too – you can buy a Avocado PiƱata From target or one shaped Cactus, Taco or Lama From Amazon – and try to crack the kids to open it? Finally, turn on some tunes, kick back to your patio chair and sip your favorite tropical drink.

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