Wed. Apr 14th, 2021

Data is both Opportunities for a health industry to improve efficiency, but also a headache for a sector working to process a large number of shared patient information from a growing range of databases.

People in a range of medical sectors talked about how to best handle data options on Monday. US News Hospital tomorrow the seminar. For example, future data analysis has the potential to keep people out of the hospital, thus reducing the cost of healthcare and the ability to treat in health centers, Key Information of the Kaiser Foundation Hospital and Health Plan Officer Dick Daniels said. Inc.

Analytics software can improve research and predict potential outcomes for treatment, Daniels said, but added that “we are not allowing machines to make decisions.”

Daniels worked with JP Morgan Chase before joining Kaiser, and he is “shocked at how this health was cut.”

Calling for greater differences between medical technologies, Daniels recalled how the financial sector created efficient online banking and made it possible for ATMs to coordinate with multiple banks.

“Since this has been resolved in other industries, I hope we are going to have that spontaneous difference,” he said.

He said patient monitoring through the use of wearable devices such as the Fitbit wristband is an example of useful health data, but physicians have to “know how to sort the data” and ensure that it is reliable.

Angelo Giardino, senior vice president of Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, said physicians and IT staff need to better coordinate to ensure that the right kind of data is being used and that processing the information is a misleading, unnecessary task. Is not.

Giardino said that patients doing research online are becoming more aware of their own health problems, which can empower people to be involved in their healing process, but can lead to confusion.

It is important to ensure that the data gets to the people and doctors who need it, but also to ensure that it can be shared while meeting the privacy standards used by various organizations in Virginia. Associate Chief Medical Information Officer Marcus Speer said – based Carillion Clinic.

“The next step will be thoughtful data moving back and forth between health systems,” Speer said. “But there is a long way to go.”

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