Sat. Mar 6th, 2021

While this legislative punishment prevents Delta from receiving a jet fuel tax break $ 50 million, Also sets a terrible precedent: that a company can be punished by the government for making its decisions. What’s more, many GOP lawmakers, who claimed companies like Delta were cutting ties with the NRA, political intimidation from the Left, intimidated the company through financially damaging legislation.

The decision to legislate against Delta has been met with much criticism by both Democrats and Republicans. Free-market Republicans have argued that this type of law Harms the economy and will have disastrous effects on jobs and local economic health in the state. The airline employs 33,000 people in Georgia alone and the tax break would surely make Atlanta-Hartsfield Airport competitive. Democrats are crying foul, explicitly stating that a company should not be punished over its decision to cut corporate partnerships.

Political cartoon on economy

Additionally, it is purely a political posture move from the Georgia GOP, which has its primary on May 22 and sees it as an opportunity to reinforce conservative credibility with pro-Second Amendment voters in a deep red state. However, these MPs do not realize that the move is far from conservative. It should be followed by the national party. Sadly, it will not.

This is just one more example of how the GOP has gone unrecognized, proving that there are extreme factions within the party. The platform of the GOP used to be limited government, free-market, pro-business and pro-free speech – all values ‚Äč‚Äčthat were put aside by this terrible legislation. The GOP should be noted with this move, as political tides can always change, and while the GOP may gain a majority in the Union and the States, another election is in the corner.

Georgia jurists who are drawn to politically intimidating companies through legislation should be ashamed of their decision and reconsider their free-market and free-speech credentials.

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