Wed. Mar 3rd, 2021

Central to great Hospitals are great doctors. But hiring and retaining physicians who understand and support the clinical and financial goals of the organization are challenging – particularly value-based shifts in reimbursement, care in the community, and health care Increase in cost of.

How are the three hospital-centric health care systems addressing this challenge? On US News Hospital tomorrow Conference in the District of Columbia, Drs. Steve Kahen, Athenahealth, Inc. The Executive Vice President of the client organization, spoke to the leaders of the organizations.

In a panel titled “Case Study: Orchestrating a High Performing Physician Network in the Accountable Care Era”, Dr. Steward, Executive Vice President of Business and Corporate Development at the Health Care System. Michael G. Chairman and Chief Clinical Integration and Network Development Officer at New York-Presbyterian Healthcare System, and Chris Peterson Group CEO Dr. Peter Plants.

Here are some of the strategies they are using:

  • Compensation with excess of salary. At Steward, even affiliates gain access to health care insurance and competitive malpractice coverage. “You can try to come up with other ways, which can have value additions for physicians,” Callum said.
  • Increase the values ​​you want to run. Steward value sets quality, care coordination and physician loyalty, to name a few, and incentives accordingly. “You build that kind of infrastructure to build a high-performing group,” Callum says. “That’s where you start.”
  • Support physicians. As the healthcare landscape is constantly changing, physicians cannot be expected to continually adjust – “without [the systems] “Doing things to make their lives easier,” said Nochomowitz.
  • Built team spirit. If you don’t have employee engagement and satisfaction, “heaven will help you,” Plants said. A way to create those fields? “Make sure you have fun celebrating your successes,” he said. “Spread a little incentive money and make sure you get some dinner.”
  • Do not reinforce the wheel. What are the effective goals to motivate physicians? Look at the medical evidence, Plante said. “You don’t have to make it.”
  • Align your goals. “We try to bring the interests of physician organizations and hospitals together and align them very closely so that as much as possible, we are going in the right direction,” Nochomowitz said.
  • Don’t be what you are not. Plant is a big fan of vendor relationships. Just as patients do not try to cure themselves, telecom hospitals, experts say they should not pretend. “Don’t try to be what you’re not,” he said.

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