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Special Ed. The number of teachers in this specialty is projected to increase by about 15% by 2016. In some schools (for example, Vanderbilt University’s Peabody College), many students are fully funded through the US Department of Grants. foreign languages. The student population is increasingly diverse. 4Habalas Español?

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Many states provide financial incentives for students wishing to work in hard-to-staff subjects or geographic areas. Kansas Teacher service scholarship Provides $ 5,000 for each year of graduate school. Other programs pay after one year (or more) in class. CaliforniaThe National Board pays $ 20,000 over a four-year period for the Professional Learning Standards Certification certification program. The American Federation of Teachers lists teacher scholarships and loan waiver programs aft.org.

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Average national base salary for full-time teachers: $ 49,026 Highest: California, $ 59,825, And Connecticut, $ 59,304; Lowest: South Dakota, $ 34,709 Beyond salaries, remember that teacher retirement is coupled with rising public school enrollment, particularly in the South and West, with declining demand. Good bet: Nevada, Texas, Georgia, Arizona Want some respect? In a national survey of 23 businesses, Teaching Was rated “one of the most prestigious occupations”. Only firefighters were held in high regard

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Used for a lab coat? Between now and 2015, American elementary and secondary schools require 280,000 new math and science teachers. Specialization in these subject areas is extremely difficult to find – so if you have found it, then you have a valuable resource that will make you a widely attractive candidate.

Switch scenes. It is much harder to find a place in the rich or suburban areas than in rural areas or inner cities. Change of scenery can increase your job prospects.

Take praxis. Examinations are required for teacher certification in many states and in a growing number of ed schools. See the ETS website for suggestions and sample questions: www.ets.org.

It’s All About Attitude. It is not enough to look good on paper. Performance is an important aspect of teaching, and many schools are looking for candidates with some social seasonings. Build your interpersonal skills.

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