Tue. Mar 2nd, 2021

By Jonathan, Jake Miller and Amer Madarani, Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) – Donald Trump on Wednesday spent 10 minutes publicly honoring America’s war veterans – a veneer of normalcy for the White House that’s frozen by a defeated president humming his choices, mostly The mechanics of governing and blocking their inevitable successors.

Trump’s appearance at the annual Veterans Day ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery was his first public visit to official business in more than a week. She has spent the last few days privately tweeting unsupported claims of voter fraud.

Democrat Joe Biden, who needed the presidential victory, garnered 270 electoral votes on Saturday as the president has not made any personal comments.

Throughout, his allies grow more certain that the seven campaigning and legal challenges, according to White House officials, will not change the outcome of the election, to discuss the thinking of the president and others in the executive mansion, to anonymity. Spoke on condition of .

Before leaving for the sole commemoration in Arlington, Trump on Wednesday took to Twitter the slogan “fake polluter” and claimed that a Republican city commissioner, who defended the vote table in Philadelphia, was not a true Republican. He also demanded attention. a Pennsylvania Election activists, who re-enacted their allegations of voter fraud before re-enacting their charges on Wednesday.

Trump later posted a debunked video, showing poll activists to show delays in collecting ballots.

“You’re looking at BALLOTS! Is this what has come in our country?” Trump laughed.

While his official schedule has been bare at public events, Trump has moved several defensemen – installing Secretary of Defense Mark Arizona and three arch loyalists in top defense jobs. His selection as acting defense secretary, Christopher Miller, was among the Pentagon brass he received in Arlington.

Some supporters have insisted against the notion that Trump is shying away from his presidential duties.

“The president is as out there as he has ever been on Twitter, and the White House team is moving forward with budget and staffing priorities,” said Don Eberhardt, a prominent Republican donor and Trump backer.

“The president’s focus is on counting, but at some point he soon needs to get his attention back in the lame session and put capstones in his first four years,” he said.

However, some senior staffers have been around the president in recent times, many of whom are in quarantine after testing positive for COVID-19 or after confirmed exposures or simply don’t want to be near the Oval Office, White According to the House and officers of the expedition. Chief of staff Mark Meadows, who works from the White House, confirmed last week that he had tested positive for the virus.

Some employees still believe that election results can change with litigation and alterations. But there is increasing recognition among most that the election has been lost and the building will be vacant by 20 January.

Trump’s mood has led to vaccination in recent times. Occasionally, he whistled angrily, saying that he lost to a candidate he does not respect and believed that the media — in which he generally treats friendly Fox News — acted against him. did. Apart from misunderstanding with mail-in ballots.

But aides say he has become more sober than his tweet suggests, showing greater understanding of his horoscope and believing he needs to keep fighting almost as a performance, as a show to 70 million people In which he voted that he is still battling. In recent times, some colleagues including his daughter Ivanka have started talking to him about an endgame, questioning how long he wants to fight.

Outside the White House, Trump critic, a prominent former ally, warned that the president was doing potentially irreparable damage to the Republic Party.

“The real issue is damaging public confidence in America’s constitutional system,” Trump’s national security adviser John Bolton wrote Wednesday in the Washington Post op-ed. Trump’s time is on, even as rhetoric continues. . “

But no one within his inner circle – the West Wing staff or the cabinet – is forcefully insisting on stopping him.

Although he has been in the Oval Office this weekend, the president has done little in the way of governing and is instead working on the phone.

They have called friendly governors – such as in the Red States Arizona, Texas And Florida – and influential confidants in conservative media like Sean Hannity. But he was not as responsive to Republican lawmakers before the election. Always an obsessive cable news viewer, he has been watching more TV than usual in recent weeks, often from his private dining room outside the Oval Office.

Trump’s outlook in two important Senate elections Georgia An open question remains: He has not yet indicated whether he will campaign there, and colleagues are beginning to worry that the extended legal battle could garner support for GOP candidates.

Trump has also started talking about his future when he leaves office. He announced that he would leave again in 2024, and colleagues believe he would at least openly play with the idea to increase its relevance and to spark interest in efforts to make money.

While he wonders his options, his involvement in the day-to-day governance of the nation has almost ceased: according to his schedule, he has not attended an intelligence briefing in weeks, and the White House has managed the name There is a brief pandemic that has increased to record heights in many states.

The president’s resistance to accepting the outcome of the race has halted the transition process. The head of the General Services Administration, who appointed Trump, has prohibited Biden from certifying him as the winner of the election.

The certification – known as incivility – will provide free funding for the transition and pave the way for Biden’s team to begin placing transition personnel in federal agencies. White House spokesman Jude Deere said he was “not aware” of any communication between the White House and the GSA’s administrator.

Biden on Tuesday took on the importance of certification for now and said his team is ready to take the reins of the US government. The presidential-election also suggested that he was not overly concerned that he was not yet receiving the president’s daily briefing – a highly classified intelligence analysis.

Dennis McDonough, who served as White House chief of staff during the Obama administration and helped with the 2017 power transition, said Trump has also attempted to stop the transition, yet significant progress has been made. The Biden transition team has published an ethical plan and the Trump administration previously established the White House Transition Coordination Council as required by law.

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