Fri. Feb 26th, 2021

At every stage, The Saudi Arabia-led war in Yemen is a catastrophe. Thousands died and thousands were injured in it. There is Widespread famine. Disease. Landmines. You name it, Yemeni citizens are suffering from it. Currently, UNICEF considers Yemen as one Worst place on earth to have a baby.

And America is surrounded by conflict without any reason.

The war between the Iranian-backed rebels, Saudi and Houthi, is taking place from northern Yemen after the Yemeni government is ousted from the country’s capital. On a larger scale, it is part of an ongoing power struggle between Saudi Arabia and Iran that is taking place throughout the Middle East, most notably in Syria.

The US, of course, counts Saudi Arabia as one of the region’s strongest allies, and has provided not only hundreds of billions of dollars for that petro-monarchy – which is then used in Yemen – but Is also providing Saudi alliance with intelligence and aircraft-refueling support. With outside involvement, civil war may not have the amount of soldiers firing on the ground, but the US is embroiled in the Yemeni disaster. It throws in some drone attacks against terrorist groups, for good measure, genocide and destruction.

Like so many armed conflicts in which the US has engaged in recent years, it was never approved by Congress or even publicly debated realistically before the American people. In fact, you would certainly be forgiven for not knowing anything about it, because the war itself generates some headlines and an American role, as if it is a big alliance with the terrible Saudi regime, one of those things Is for everyone in power who just seems, as the sun rises or President Donald Trump tweets crazy stuff.

But there is no case for America to be any part of this struggle. To that end, three senators on Wednesday are trying to push forward a resolution for the US armed forces to pull out of it.

Sponsored by Censor. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., Chris Murphy, D-Conn., And Mike Lee, R-Utah, would call it “to remove the US armed forces from hostilities between the Saudi-led coalition and the Houthis in Yemen.” According to the resolution of the war powers. A release from Sanders’ office claimed that it would be “the first vote in the Senate to withdraw the US armed forces from unauthorized warfare.”

Political cartoon on iran

The War Powers Resolution is supposed to test the president’s ability to wage war without congressional consent, but it is no secret that Congress has long wanted no part of its war-declared duty, to the executive branch Is completely content to go. Take lead and heat. However, this has prompted the US to engage in a bevy of conflicts big and small around the world without receiving input from the legislative branch.

However, with recent signs of Congress, however, A. Good case to be made US involvement in Yemen is illegal. Congress says this is the right step.

Not that the resolution would have much practical effect, pay attention to you, even though Sanders and co. Votes can be summoned to pass it, as it will have to be passed by the House as well and will result in the withdrawal of the US Armed Forces from the President in the war. Last year, the House Passed a non-binding resolution Saying that the US effort in Yemen was not authorized, and apparently little changed.

Still, every bit helps, and if Sanders can use his star power to make Yemen war on the radar, all the better. (She is Most popular elected officials In America, after all)

as I have said Several before time, There is something about the Middle East that bats American policymakers and commentators. They feel the need to involve America in every conflict there, no matter the strategic importance directly to America. Every stroke of battle sent members of Congress into gun-toting mode. These Poles and pundits believe that there is no problem American bombs cannot fix in the Middle East, despite all previous evidence to the contrary. We are buying for our efforts Some are anti american.

But the Saudi war in Yemen is not our fight nor is there a wider regional conflict. The Middle East is in the midst of a power struggle that is not being decided by the US and where no one wins is a great choice. It is a villain all around. We must do what we can to overcome various humanitarian crises and otherwise stay out of the heck.

The war in Yemen has forced millions from their homes. There are millions more Dependent on humanitarian aid to survive. America should wash the blood out of its hands and stop its contribution so that those numbers can be higher.

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