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BISMARCK, ND – North Dakota Gov. Doug Bergam has ordered a statewide facade mandate and imposed several trade sanctions in an effort to stop the spread of coronoviruses that have stressed the state’s hospital capacity.

The Republican governor’s executive order comes late on Friday, after months of pressure from health care professionals to require a face cover. The director requires residents to have face coverings in indoor businesses and indoor public settings, as well as outdoor public settings where physical disturbances are not possible.

The order will be applicable from Saturday. Failure to comply with the mandate carries a fine of up to $ 1000, although it is unclear how it will be implemented.

State health data show North Dakota reached a serious new milestone on Friday as the toll of its COVID-19 hit the 700 mark. More than 60,000 coronovirus infections are reported in the state.

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New Delhi – India’s overall tally in new coronovirus cases remained steady on Saturday, but officials were looking at cases in the capital that come to the fore as socialization of people during the festive season.

The Ministry of Health of India recorded 44,684 new positive cases in the last 24 hours and after 520 deaths. Of them, 7,802 new cases were reported in New Delhi with 91 deaths.

India has seen 8.7 million infections since the epidemic began – the second highest number of infections in the world – but daily new infections have been on the decline since mid-September. The county has also seen more than 129,000 virus deaths.

New Delhi has seen more new cases recording in recent weeks than any other Indian state. A growing number coincides with a busy festival season, with millions celebrating Diwali, the Hindu festival, on Saturday.

According to government data, COVID-19 beds are almost full in government-run hospitals and the availability of intensive care unit beds with ventilator support in the city is at an all-time low according to government data.

Hertford, Conn. – Connecticut Village. Ned Lamont is self-extinguishing after his chief spokesperson tested positive for COVID-19.

The Democratic Governor’s chief spokesman, Max Rees, identified himself as a senior staff member who tested positive, in a release on Twitter late Friday. An initial news release from the governor’s office did not identify the staff member, but said it was the first known case of coronovirus in the governor’s office.

Reiss wrote that he was not sure how or where he contracted the virus, but added that his family was committing self-harm after their children were exposed to school. He said that none of his family was experiencing symptoms, but they would stay for the next two weeks.

Contact tracing has begun and all members of the administration who are within 6 feet (2 m) of 15 minutes or more will self-quarantine for 14 days. In addition to Lamont, chief of staff Paul Mounds and chief operating officer Josh Gable will self-quarantine. Reece also encouraged journalists who had contact within the same criteria to “take the necessary steps” in the last 24 hours.

LaMont and senior staff are tested twice a week, a release from the Governor’s Office said, and no additional positive cases are known.

Three US governors – Republican Kevin Stitt of Oklahoma and Mike Parson of Missouri and Democrat Ralph Northam of Virginia – had COVID-19 earlier this year. Another governor, Nevada Democrat Steve Sisolak, announced on Friday that he had tested positive for COVID-19.

Carson City, Nev. – Nevada Government. Steve Sisolak said on Friday that he tested positive for COVID-19 as the virus grows to record levels across the state and across the US.

The 66-year-old Democrat is the fifth governor to report positive tests for coronovirus this year. Three governors, two Republicans in Missouri and Oklahoma and one Democrat in Virginia, signed COVID-19 this year.

Republican Gov. Mike Devine of Ohio tested positive in August but received a negative test a few hours later. After using a more sensitive laboratory-developed test, Devin tested positive using the rapid test before testing negative that day.

Sisolak said he was not experiencing any symptoms on a call with reporters and was taken as a routine on Friday morning for a routine test. Subsequently a positive result was found, he also conducted a molecular test and his sample is still being processed.

SEOUL, South Korea – The Football Association of South Korea says four players and a staff member of the men’s national team have tested positive for COVID-19 after arriving in Austria for friendship with Mexico.

Korea Football Association spokesman Kim Min-soo said the rest of the team would be re-tested before deciding to cancel the match with Mexico, which was scheduled for Saturday night at Weiner Newstadt, south of Vienna.

The players who tested positive were Kwon Chang-hoon, midfielder of German club SC Freiburg; Hwang In-Bom, midfielder of Russian club FC Rubin Kazan; Lee Dong-joon, forward for South Korean club Busan I Park FC; Jo Hyeon-woo, a goalkeeper at South Korean club Ulsan Hyundai FC.

KFA stated that none of the five who tested positive showed any symptoms and the players and staff are currently living in their rooms.

At home, South Korean health officials report 203 new cases of COVID-19, the highest daily jump in 73 days, which has caused concern in a nation that has since October amid concerns over a weak economy Has reduced its social distribution restrictions.

MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Alabama added nearly 3,000 COVID-19 cases on Friday, the highest number of records on a single day since an epidemic. Health officials believe that many of those cases arose from Halloween parties, sporting events and other mass celebrations.

“This is a new record for us,” state health officer Scott Harris told the Associated Press. “Overall, we believe the numbers accurately show that Alabama is seeing an increase in community communications for COVID-19.”

Harris said that unlike the previous boom of that size, the increase is not due to a large data dump of earlier backlog reporting.

Health officials have expressed concern about hospitalizations and deaths as the country experiences a holiday season.

Former state Health Officer, Dr. Don Williamson said, “When you see the leaps we are seeing now, that clearly reflect community transmission,”

San Francisco – Many San Francisco Bay Area counties are getting involved in banning all indoor food in San Francisco and bringing back other activities in the form of coronovirus cases, dangerous as public health officials around the country approach the holidays Huh.

The Santa Clara, Marin and Contra Costa counties announced on Friday that they would stop indoor food until Tuesday.

Contra Costa County is also ordering the closure of indoor gyms and fitness centers. Santa Clara requires a gym with 10% capacity and all outdoor bar closures, alleys and other indoor family centers.

The Bay Area has generally been more cautious than the rest of the state in permitting activities during the epidemic, and health officials representing 7 million people applied a stay order in March ahead of a similar order by the state did.

Dr. Sarah Cody, a Santa Clara County health officer who is home to Silicon Valley, said taking action “is absolutely necessary” given the increase in cases starting on Election Day. She said she expects the state to move the county back to more restrictive levels of operation and not wait to take action.

Businesses have emphasized the idea that restaurants and gyms are to blame for virus transmission, and health officials have said that small, casual gatherings at home where family and friends are not wearing masks or the latest to socially shun Are guilty of the increase.

TOPEKA, Cannes. – Some churches in Kansas have suspended indoor, in-person worship services and the capital city zoo has also tightened its rules as the state sets another record for new coronovirus cases.

This week the bishops of two Episcopal churches covering Kansas instructed their congregation to postpone services and meetings. The United Methodist Church bishops for Kansas and Nebraska also encouraged their churches to suspend in-person services unless they were “identified as being in a significant or dangerous situation” in the counties.

And the Topeka Zoo said that from Saturday, all visitors will be required to wear masks, in addition to eating. The zoo allowed visitors to take off their masks if they were outside and socially distant.

Cannes confirmed 2,553 new confirmed and potential coronavirus cases a day for the seven days ending on Friday. The state’s health department added 6,282 coronovirus cases to the state’s epidemic since Wednesday, increasing it to 115,507. The department reported 41 additional COVID-19 related deaths, bringing the epidemic to a total of 1,256.

Philadelphia – Health officials in Pennsylvania’s third most populous county ordered schools on Friday to temporarily stop classroom instruction in what they say could be an attempt to stop the spread of coronovirus.

The Montgomery County Health Board said that all government and private K-12 schools in suburban Philadelphia County provide virtual instruction for two weeks from November 23. The order affects thousands of students in more than 20 public school districts with students. Charter, private and parousial schools.

Spiking COVID-19 numbers are prompting other Pennsylvania school districts to take action. Pittsburgh Public Schools announced on Friday that more than 800 students who had just resumed classroom instruction this week would have to return to distance education.

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