Wed. Apr 14th, 2021

Results of improvement To increase staff engagement, hospital administrators across the country have used it Hospital data insights The platform launched by US News & World Report in November 2013 to explain and enhance how they care for patients.

“It’s a really rich data set,” said Rahul Shah, vice president and chief quality and safety officer of the Children’s National Health System, who spoke at the US News Hospital of Tomorrow conference in the nation’s capital on Sunday. “With the HDI platform, this is a big change.”

Hospital Data Insights gives customers deep access to the information behind US News & World Report Best hospital And Best Children’s Hospital Ranking. Health administrators can, compared to many hospitals, interact and analyze historical data in a series of metrics, looking at how different health centers stack up, and ultimately determining where and how they can improve. Can.

“We don’t want our equipment to be pre-determined; we’re not a hospital,” said Evan Jones, general manager of Insights Group in US News & World Report. “We only want to collect data and show it back to hospitals so that their specialists can use those tools.”

Children’s National, for example, used hospital data insights to improve patient questionnaire responses, increase staff satisfaction, transition to a more team-based approach to treatment, and simultaneously improve patient care To be informed.

Taking a step towards greater cooperation among health workers, Shah said, “It would never have actually happened until we identified some stumbling blocks.” “The data identified an opportunity for us.”

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