Fri. Feb 26th, 2021

Coronavirus has grown rapidly Spread across the world, forcing many to practice social disturbances, working remotely and abandoning highly anticipated holidays. But even if you are confined to your home, you can still explore the biggest attractions in the world.

The gallery, museum, concert hall, national park and zoo have virtual experiences that users are free to experience. Read on for a list of where to find some of the best online jailbreak.

For museum and art loverS

Powered by the Google Cultural Institute, Google Art and Culture provides free, virtual access to many museums and cultural heritage sites worldwide. In a few seconds you can Locate selected tasks In Tate Modern London museum collection then a virtual tour Of Colosseum in Rome. Here are a few highlights:

  • Musi d’Orsay In Paris: See works by Degas and Renoir, and take a virtual tour of the museum here.
  • white House In Washington, DC: Take a virtual tour of the various sections of the White House and see some of its art collections here.
  • Doge’s Palace In Venice: Explore the selection of artifacts of Venetian treasures here.
  • Museum of Modern Art In New York City: an online exhibition, see paintings of C├ęzanne’s paintings and museum installations here.
  • Forest Gog Museum In Amsterdam: Two perform online and learn about more than 100 pieces by Van Gogh here.
  • Uffi Gallery In Florence, Italy: Learn about Botikli’s famous “The Birth of Venus” painting and take a virtual tour of the gallery here.
  • J. Paul Getty Museum In Los Angeles: See approximately 16,000 pieces from Getty’s collection here.
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art In New York City: Peruse 26 displayed online and over 200,000 items from Mate’s collection here.
  • Chateau de Versailles In Paris: Watch an eight-part performance and learn about 400 works of art here.
  • Rijksmuseum In Amsterdam: see works by Dutch greats like Rembrandt and Vermier here.
  • See a complete list of museums, exhibitions and sites here.

Versailles Palace is one of the many global attractions that you can experience online.Getty Images

British Museum Offers a comprehensive exploration of his collection in London. Its interactive software allows users to view collections by subject (like art) or region (like the US). What’s more, demonstrations include audio commentary users can listen to for additional insights. view Item here.

There is a discussion of curator-led tours and exhibits at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea. check them out here.

National Gallery The museum in London offers virtual tours of about 20 different rooms. Take a tour here.

Louvre Virtual tours of its three performances go on in Paris: “Egyptian Antiquarian,” “Remnants of the Louvre’s Feast” and “Gallari D’Polon.” Explore them here.

Of new york Guggenheim Most of its collection is online, complete with high-resolution images of art and information on works and artists. See it all here.

For the performing arts mentorS

The Berliner Philharmonicer is offering free, digital music programs for a month. Sign up March 31 for access to over 600 concerts for the past 10 years.

Kennedy CenterA digital library located in Washington DC is full of theater, dance and music performance as well as full-length performance. Access full library here.

Of new york Metropolitan opera Running “Nightly Met Opera Stream”; Filmed performances from its “Live in HD” series. The opera starts at 7:30 pm EST and will be online for 20 hours. The series began on 16 March. Get more information and list of upcoming operas here.

Beluga whales are one of the many species that you can see through the cameras of the Georgia Aquarium.Getty Images

For science and nature enthusiastsS

Zoos and aquariums around the country have animal dams that liverstream what the critters are doing. Some institutions include:

Meanwhile, Google Arts & Culture includes 360-degree virtual reality tours of several national parks Bryce Canyon In Utah, Canai Fosers in Alaska, Grand Canyon National Park In Arizona, and Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico. It also hosts several online performances from parks nationwide. Check it all out here.

Do you need to break up a museum on your favorite streaming service to check a nature deed. “Our planet” (on Netflix) Explores different environments around the world and in the “DisneyNature” series (at) Disney +), Offers some family-friendly options.

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