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Wholesale shoppers who buy Groceries and household supplies at their local Costco stores have access to another savings tool that many are not aware of. Together Costco trip, You can get deep discounts on hotels, airfare, cruises, holiday packages and rental cars. Better yet, you may qualify for special incentives such as a Costco gift card or onboard cruise credit.

Before you dive into it, it is important to note what you do Must be a Costco member to use the Costco Travel website. There are four membership options to choose from: two for individuals and two for businesses.

The original Gold Star membership costs $ 60 per year and is available at all Costco locations. You can also pay more for a Gold Star Executive Membership for $ 120 which comes with an annual 2% reward on eligible Costco and Costco Travel purchases, as well as additional benefits on Costco services.

Costco’s two business members are also $ 60 and $ 120, with the benefit set to appeal to businesses rather than families. A $ 60 business membership comes with the same benefits as an individual Gold Star membership, but you can also pay to add additional members to your account, and you can purchase items for resale.

Business executive memberships, on the other hand, offer special benefits on select Costco services, along with those benefits, along with eligible Costco purchases and an annual 2% reward on Costco Travel.

Best Ways To Save With Costco Travel

While you have to pay for a Costco membership to avail travel allowances, it does not matter if you shop at Costco. And in fact, the $ 60 membership fee can be worth it if you travel a lot and know how to take advantage of this travel savings site.

So, how can you make the most of a Costco trip? US News interacted with experts and Costco Travel enthusiasts to find out all the best ways to save.

Always check pricing for rental cars

Vicky Cook, Costco travel enthusiast who writes about personal finance for the website Lady money, States that before she rents a car, she religiously checks Costco Travel, and she gets better pricing almost every time.

We went on a trip to Germany and Italy in the fall of 2019 and made big savings by renting a car with Costco Travel, ”she says.

Not only did Cook and his traveling companions get a mid-size SUV for nine days for less than $ 250, but they also locked in a one-way rental without any kind of rental fee.

Fortunately, Costco makes it easy to compare travel pricing like you do on a website like or All you have to do is enter your pick-up and drop-off destination and dates, and you can compare rental options with multiple agencies in one place.

Book rent with no upfront deposit

Another advantage of booking rental cars on Costco Travel is that you can rent a car without renting. This allows you to lock in one price without necessarily having to commit.

“Because there is no advance payment or deposit, you can check for a drop in prices and book a lower rate,” says cruise expert Melissa Lagerquist. Cruise thrifty. “Even better, their search engine automatically applies relevant coupons to applicable bookings, saving you both time and money.”

Legerquist also says that Costco Travel allows you to add an additional driver for your rental car reservation for free, which is a perk you don’t get from every rental agreement.

Ruby Escalona, ​​a blogger who writes about travel on A Journey We Love, says that having an extra free driver is a huge bonus to her travel plans as she and her husband travel together and they Both like to drive. In this sense, the use of Costco Travel helps them save money by offering them some additional flexibility.

Compare Cruise Pricing and Watch for Free

When it comes to cruises, Lagerquist says that Costco Travel is difficult to defeat, but not because pricing is low. She says if you travel directly on rent or from a travel agent. What sets Costco Travel apart from other travel agencies is that it caters more to its customers.

She says, “Costco Travel is not only booking the same promoted cruise line, but they also pay a portion of your cruise fare as your cruise shop card, which is about three weeks after you return home from your cruise Is sent.

If you browse a cruise on a Costco trip, you can also find options that come with free ones like free Wi-Fi packages, room upgrades, drink packages and more.

Look for special incentives on holiday packages

Also consider the possibility of booking all your travel in one place with a holiday package. This usually means booking your airfare and hotel in one package to get a discount, but you can also book a holiday package through a Costco trip which includes a rental car.

Robert Farrington, who writes about personal finance College investorSays, when he stumbled upon some excellent perks to book a holiday package Maui At the end of 2019.

“Costco had a bundle deal that included a free breakfast and a $ 200 resort every day in the hotel, rental car and hotel buffet,” he said. Surprisingly, the breakfast benefit was $ 100 per day, because breakfast at this hotel was so expensive, which was Lani of Fairmont, MauiA luxury Oceanfront property.

“The deal was much better than what the resort offered itself or through any other booking site and even places like American Express [Travel’s] Fine Hotels & Resorts, ”says Farrington.

Bottom line: If you’re shopping for a holiday package, be sure to see if the Costco trip throws in some extras. You never know what kind of perks you can get during booking.

Sign up for a Costco executive member to earn 2% back

Signing up for an executive Costco membership (personal or business) as previously mentioned sets you up to earn an annual 2% reward on all eligible Costco and Costco travel purchases.

While this membership costs more than $ 60 per year, this benefit can be repaid quickly if you can score hundreds of dollars using Costco Travel in resort freebies or Costco shop cards (membership at Costco and toward merchandise use Cards with preloaded funds for) a cruise.

Check costco travel Hot buys The section, which includes a wide range of special stay sales and last minute deals for resort stays, vacation packages, cruises and more. These deals usually include special savings and discounts, as well as perks such as Costco shop cards, drink packages and resort credits.

Be sure to check out the Hot Buse page on Costco Travel as these deals change all the time.

Check for member exclusion

While Costco Travel to Hot Boy is normally available for a limited time and on select travel plans, Costco Travel also offers Featured experience Who are curated for Costco Travel members. These may include worldwide excursions or cruises with an array of guided tours.

Either way, Costco Travel member exclusions are meant to provide good value and come with plenty of extras that you don’t get anywhere else during the trip.

Sign up for the Costco Anywhere Visa Card by Citi

If you want to increase your Costco travel shopping even more, consider Costco Anywhere Visa Card City. Not only does this card give you 4% back on spending up to $ 7,000 per year (then 1% thereafter) on eligible gas purchases (including Costco gas purchases), but you also earn 3% back on food and eligible travel purchases. 2% on the purchase of Costco and and 1% back on everything else.

Costco Travel purchases are considered eligible travel purchases and you can also earn it with a Costco Executive Membership with an annual 2% reward, although those savings will be rolled out separately.

You can use this card and earn rewards by combining all the other saving tips given in this piece.

Remember that you will lose out on the benefits of some loyalty programs

Finally, keep in mind that when you travel with a third party, including a Costco trip, you will miss some loyalty allowances.

If you book Hilton or Marriott Hotels through Costco Travel, for example, you will not earn points on your booking with the concerned Hilton honors or Marriott bonvoy program. You will miss the benefits of any elite, such as complimentary breakfast or executive lounge access.

In those cases, you might be better off skipping on Costco Travel and booking your trip directly instead of hotel programs.

As a side note, you will When you book flights through Costco Travel, airlines usually earn miles. When you make your booking, you will need to link your frequent flyer account to your reservation. You can also go after the fact and add your reservation to your frequent flyer account.

Bottom line: Costco travel can help you save money on hotels, cruises, vacation packages, car rentals and more, but be sure to consider whether booking through Costco directly provides you with any It is also worth giving discounts.

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