Wed. Apr 14th, 2021

Trump campaign is Putting his money where his mouth is when he comes in search of the outgoing president to raise election results with unfounded claims of voter fraud and illegal election procedures.

Anyway its some money. Faced with a deadline Wednesday afternoon to demand a reconnaissance in Wisconsin – and a $ 7.9 million advance bill for statewide service – the campaign cost the state $ 3 million to recruit in two Democratic counties From, opted for a recount-light.

The campaign claimed that absentee ballots were illegally issued or changed and that government officials gave “illegal advice” that could violate Wisconsin voter ID laws. The Trump team said it is asking for a count in Milwaukee and Dane counties – both voted heavily for the presidential election Joe Biden and that The largest and third largest are the homes of the black population, Respectively, in the Badger state – because they were where the “worst irregularities” occurred.

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“The people of Wisconsin deserve to know if their election procedures have worked in a legal and transparent manner. Regrettably, without the uniform enforcement of these two counties and one Wisconsin absentee ballot requirements, the integrity of the election results cannot be trusted. “Jim Troopis, President’s Advocate Donald TrumpThe campaign said in a statement. We will not know the true results of the election until only the legal ballots are counted. ‘

At least two of them have been strongly disputed. For example, absentee ballots were automatically sent to Wisconsin voters but not actual ballots unless they were requested.

And, in fact, the Trump campaign was not required to list any complaints or allegations of misconduct, so that an expert could be informed. In Wisconsin, a candidate in a race where more than 4,000 votes are cast Can request a request If the margin of victory for the winner is less than 1% of the vote. As long as the margin is not less than 0.25%, the campaign requests a request – and there is no reason for it.

Wisconsin has already made its canvas, which was completed Tuesday and joined Biden’s race by adding 181 votes, Common Cause Wisconsin executive director Jay Heck said in a conference call. He said it is very rare that the outcome of an election changes, and with a margin of 20,608 votes won in Wisconsin, it is highly unlikely that the state will be honored by Trump.

Wisconsin Recount Demand is in the midst of a series of efforts to challenge the Trump campaign’s November 3 election. 3 elections, a race Biden won by more than 5.8 million votes and a 306–232 electoral college vote margin.

Dozens of lawsuits filed by the Trump campaign and supporters – from the use of Sharpies to fill Arizona ballots to fill unproven claims that Republican observers were not allowed to monitor vote counters – were dismissed or withdrawn by the courts Gone.

“The lawsuits brought by Team Trump have no merit,” Paul S. Ryan, vice president of policy and litigation for the Common Cause, told reporters in a call. “I think we’re seeing a good old-fashioned fundraising bat-and-switch scheme.”

Trump is making an aggressive appeal for donations to legal funds to fight the election results, but the fine print suggests that there is little chance of actually going into such undertakings. The first 60% of a donation goes to Trump’s effort, the rest to the Republican National Committee.

Of that 60%, the first $ 5,000 of any donation goes to Trump’s “new slush fund,” the Save America PAC. Ryan said. This is completely legal, he said, but the amount of donations people make in hopes of undoing the election results may not be well understood.

Meanwhile, the Trump campaign continues to find ways to challenge, or at least delay, the reality of Biden’s victory.

In Michigan, the campaign claimed a premature victory when Wayne County election officials stymied results in the county to determine if Detroit was located – and where Biden won a major victory. Later in the evening, and after an uproar by voters, who claimed to have refused to authenticate the results, the amount of racist dissolution of voters in a county More than half of the population is non-whiteOfficials certified the result.

Lack of certification could throw the matter into the GOP-controlled state legislature, which could theoretically appoint its preferred voters, even if the voters decided on 3 November.

In Georgia, a state Biden won with an early margin of about 14,000 votes, a hand record is underway and should be completed by midnight Wednesday, Common Cause Georgia Executive Director Auna Dennis told reporters in a conference call. As of Wednesday afternoon, Biden was ahead with 12,781 votes and would almost certainly retain the state’s 16 Electoral College votes.

The disparity comes from human errors, he said – such as a memory card that was not counted on election night. “It is important to remember that humans make mistakes,” he said, as it happens “in every election.”

This election does not change the result, Dennis said – but it robs democracy by undermining public confidence in the system. Georgia, she notes, will be under the microscope again in January, when two run-offs for U.S. Senate seats will determine which party controls the chamber next year.

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