Fri. Nov 27th, 2020

Despite the federal The Communications Commission’s repeal of the doctrine, known as “net neutrality”, continues to fight over control of the Internet. Chairman Ajit Pai’s courageous leadership has been met with continued resistance from those who regulate the world’s most ambitious electronic commercial and communications platform, as if it were Ma Bell.

Pai has been a victim of constant abuse. Pickets have been placed outside his house. The safety of his wife and children has been jeopardized. He is subjected to a campaign of persistent persecution and yet remains upheld by his conviction that he is right. That campaign of harassment is now headed to Capitol Hill, which is unexpectedly filled with letters in anticipation of the publication of the FCC’s own order Restoring Internet Freedom Which eventually appeared in the Federal Register on Thursday.

The letter claimed that the Congressional Review Act would protect net neutrality – generally understood as the principle that Internet service providers should not be allowed to block, throttle or censor legitimate web traffic on their networks needed.

For the reason that it should be clear, the Restoring Internet Freedom Order is not popular among Silicon Valley tech giants and a coalition of far-left pressure groups who lobbied the Obama administration to regulate the Internet as if it were a public utility. was. They want Obama-era rules to be restored and lobbying through those who have long pushed “net neutrality” for Congress to use the Congressional Review Act – 1996 The legislative branch was allowed to overturn excessive federal regulations in the service of Complete the opposite The intention behind the CRA is to repeal regulations that went too far.

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If they succeed, Obama’s public utility power over the Internet will be permanently retained in US law until some future Congress enacts legislation to change the law. Members of Congress who are at the end of the letter and email communication urging a return to the status quo must realize that many and perhaps most of those messages are paid for by the media, rather than by actual support K. From American tech majors.

A source who follows the issue has shared with me a copy of a work order, known as an ad insertion order, that is true, indicating that constituents who kill congressional offices and servers A flood of letters is sufficiently bought and paid for.

What I have seen is for $ 855,500 for one of the campaign’s 10 vendors – which suggests spending at least $ 8.55 million in just 10 days on letters pushing members of the House to vote for the CRA Are being done This includes $ 687,500 in “guaranteed letter signers” for $ 168,000 per day in banner ads and 125,000 characters per day at $ 5.50 per letter. Between February 2 and February 11, approximately 2,240 letters were sent to every US House office.

Who is behind this? The order identifies sponsors as the “Net Neutrality Big 3”, which can be about anyone. However, there is a list of common suspects, which have been focused on.

Sources in Capitol Hill say that the three most common forms of letters in support of reversing the Internet freedom rule come from three groups: others suggest the campaign is being rewritten by giant Silicon Valley tech companies, which ISP Obama sees economic benefits in locking rules. Tech veterans are exempted and banned from effectively combating ISPs.

It is no surprise that the Congress is being lobbied so heavily. There is a lot of money riding how it all turned out. Are the letters coming to Congress now demanding the CRA to move on from legitimate parties and interested voters, or are they likely to consider what some consider a “black money” campaign to affect the outcome of significant legislation Will say

If this is the latter, it is two stages in a well-thought-out strategy that had to be initiated some time ago. This FCC public comment process was similarly marred by fake and fraudulent comments – Heavy on pro-regulation sideIncluding one million of the email addresses ending on and about half a million from Russia.

As the Senate has shown the possibility of passing the CRA – every Democrat and Maine Republican Susan Collins has indicated that they will use it to reinstate the vote to restore the Internet Freedom Order – the battleground is in the House. Therefore, members of the body should be vigilant in evaluating the messages they are receiving. They need to remember that in seemingly never-ending net neutrality wars, facts take a backseat to political organization and corporate rent seeking.

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