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If you don’t consider A hard-core shopper yourself, you may not think much about price matching. But it can be a useful tool, especially if you’re loyal to a store or brand – or you just want to make your life more comfortable and Save both money and time.

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So what is price matching? It is the policy of many chain retail stores that if a competitor gets a lower price on the item you want, they will offer the same price. For more information, read.

How does price matching work?

In short, let’s say you go to store A, and you have a coupon for a box of pasta from store B. You don’t really feel like driving to Store B, but you need to buy it and it’s a great sale.

So you pick up the pasta at store A and then register with the customer service department or your coupon. You show them. If they have a price match, they sell you pasta at the price that Store B is selling it for.

While pasta savings are only for 50 cents or a dollar, if you are Buy something expensive, Like a TV, and you save $ 50, you can start to see how well the price match can work for you. Especially if your favorite store, Store A, offers a rewards program that gives you points for shopping.

Which retailers have price-matching programs?

Many of the biggest brands in the retail sector have price-matching programs. Ultimately, they want you to shop at their shops – and not your competitors. You might be thinking, “Does Amazon price match?” Retail Behemoth is not among the companies that do, but many If you find an item on Amazon, other businesses will match.. As mentioned, you will usually find these programs at internationally and nationally renowned shops with brick-and-mortar locations. With this in mind, here are some details on 10 big-brand stores offering price-matching programs:

  • Walmart and
  • aim
  • Home depot
  • Lowe
  • best Buy
  • Coles
  • JCPenney
  • Staples
  • Michaels
  • PetSmart

Walmart and

The giant international retailer has limited price matches at its stores, but its website does price matches. This is a bit confusing, but if you are in a brick-and-mortar Walmart store, it will only match price with

Noteworthy: provides a comprehensive list of stores against which the items of the match will be priced:,,,,,,,, Cheyyey .com,,,,,,,,,,, Officedepot. com,,,,,,, and


If you find an item that is cheaper than a local competitor or selects an online store, Target will match it. And here’s something to remember: If you buy an item on Target and then find the item at least in Target advertisements or a competitor’s weekly ad, as long as it has not exceeded 14 days, By then the target will be matched.

Noteworthy: Target, too, has a complete listing of the store on its website with which it will be priced. That list is:,,,,,,,,,,, Kmart. com,,,,,,,,,,,, com

Home depot

Home Depot’s website doesn’t say much about its price match, just that it will do so. “Our price match guarantee includes the shipping cost of the item’s price (plus). Price match items must be available from the competitor at the customer’s location. We will only submit requests directly to the person who made the purchase.” Reads.

Noteworthy: The website too – like every major brand – states that there are some exceptions to its price match. For example, if a competitor is “selling open-box merchandise as well as renovated, refurbished or pre-discounted products,” you will not get a price match.


Lowe has a lot of information on his website about price matching; This seems to take practice seriously. It competes against retail stores that are local – and online-only stores.

Noteworthy: Lowe’s does a great job of explaining the nuts and bolts of price matching: “Present to a Lowe’s store associate with printouts, local ads, photos, smartphone displays or App showing low price for competitor“Lowe’s sells some brands that never qualify for a price match: Dacor, ICON, Fisher & Paykel, Monogram, SMEG, Liber, Weber, Kichler and Nest. There are other non-surprising exclusions. You match. Establishment cannot value labor.

best Buy

Does Best Buy Price Match? Yes, and the main thing to remember (this is the case among many stores) is that the item needs to be similar to the product you want to buy the best. As the website states, “There must be a matching brand, model number, and color to be eligible for the product.”

Noteworthy: Some of the shops that will price Best Buy include,,, and One of its big exclusions is competitors’ contract cell phones and service prices.


Kohl’s doesn’t make a big deal of it, but its website states, “On request, Kohl’s stores will match a competitor’s in-store price and price at a similar price (which sometimes exceeds Kohl’s store prices) Differs) will also match. ” Items are given below. Kohl’s stores do not match competitors’ online pricing. “So no online price match.

Noteworthy: Kohl’s has a long list of “excluded merchandise” that will not match others, including Levi’s and Lands’ Underwear and Dyson products. You can learn more about Kohl’s Customer service website.


As stated on its website, “We guarantee our price match on any retailer’s in-store and online prices. The only exclusions are marketplaces, third-party sellers such as the Deal website and the auction. Our price matches The guarantee includes items sold by Amazon. .Com but not by any third party on “

Noteworthy: The JCPenney offer is a price match for items sold every day of the year, including Black friday. This is very rare. Most stores will have their fine prints that they match price except at certain times of the year, especially around Thanksgiving.


Staples has a very stringent policy and will mix any retail store with a brick-and-mortar location and website. It will also match Amazon, as long as the item comes from and is not sold by a third-party seller.

Noteworthy: If you notice a lower price than a competitor within 14 days, Staples will give you a refund. As always, there are some exclusions, such as tech services and print and marketing services, and it will not cost match expenses such as taxes and warranties.


The arts and crafts and home decor shop has a bold price-matching program. As announced on its website, “If you get the current low price on a similar, in-stock item from a brick-and-mortar retailer, or any online retailer listed below, we will match that price, And then beat it is 10%. “

Noteworthy: Like other shops, it also has exclusions. For example, it will not compete against a third party sold on, and it will not price match classes or custom-order products.


Yes, your pet can also take advantage of price matching. The PetSmart website states, “If you find a product that’s in stock at a competitor’s store (excluding competitors’ online sites and catalogs) or at a PetSmart store for a lower price on, PetSmart Will match price in the long run. As similar product is in stock in our store. Proof of lower price (receipt, advertisement or other confirmation) is required. “

Noteworthy: There are also exclusions, such as the price not advertised for clearance, liquidation or other special events. In addition, it Price match on pet supplies But not actual pets or services, such as grooming.

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