Sat. Feb 27th, 2021

MOSCOW (AP) – Units Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Defense said Azerbaijan’s army entered the Aghdam region on Friday morning, a ceasefire agreement that ended a six-week heavy fighting over the separatist zone of Nagorno-Karbakh by a field of Armenian forces.

Last week, Russia’s brokerage Trus claimed that Armenia had handed over control of Azerbaijan to some areas outside the borders of Nagorno-Karbakh. The first one, Aghdam is to be commissioned on Friday.

Nagorno-Karbakh is within Azerbaijan, but has remained under the control of ethnic Armenian forces supported by Armenia since a separatist war ended in 1994. This war left not only Nagorno-Karbakh but enough surrounding territory in Armenian hands.

The massive fighting that erupted on 27 September marked the largest escalation of a decades-old conflict between the two pre-Soviet nations in a quarter-century, killing hundreds and possibly thousands.

The violence stopped the truce last week, which was followed by several unsuccessful attempts to establish a permanent ceasefire. It was celebrated as a victory in Azerbaijan, but there were large-scale protests in Armenia, with the nation’s prime minister regularly taking to the streets to demand his removal.

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