Thu. Dec 3rd, 2020

By David EGGERT, The Associated Press

LANSING, Michigan. (AP) – President Donald Trump did not ask Michigan Republican lawmakers during a meeting at the White House to “break the law” or “intervene”, a legislative leader said Sunday, to validate Joden’s 154,000-vote victory for victory in the Cannars battleground Said Sunday one day before making plans. .

House Speaker Lee Chatfield was among seven GOP legislators who met with Trump on Friday amid his longstanding efforts to block Biden’s victory.

“There was resentment that the president was about to ask us to break the law, he was going to ask us to intervene, and that’s not all that happened,” he told Fox News of the highly unusual meeting. He did not elaborate on the discussion, except that the delegation sought additional federal assistance to help with Michigan’s coronovirus response.

Michigan’s election agency recommends that the November 3 results – including Biden’s 2.8 percentage point victory – be certified by the Board of State Canvassers, which has two Democrats and two Republicans. The Republican National Committee and the state Republican Party want the board to adjourn for 14 days to investigate alleged irregularities in Wayne County, the state’s largest and home to Detroit.

Employees of the State Election Bureau said that irregularities, if claimed, do not significantly affect the results, even if claimed. The Michigan Democratic Party said the total number of Detroit votes is mired by an unbalanced trend – where the number of ballots not equal to the number of pollsters’ names – is at most 450, or a “0.029% margin” separating Biden from Trump is.

“The certification process should not be manipulated to serve as some sort of retrospective referendum on the expressed willingness of voters. That is not how democracy works.

If the board does not confirm the results and the Michigan Supreme Court later does not order to do so, Chatfield said “we now have a constitutional crisis.” However, other Republicans have indicated that they will not weaken voters. ‘ Will.

A stock email House Republicans responded to people contacting their offices said, “Michigan election law clearly requires that state electors get the most votes from the party to be nominated by the party.”

Experts in Michigan election law have stated that the authority of the state board is quite limited and it must now certify the result that all 83 counties have submitted their reports to the state. However, there is concern, as Trump personally called two Republicans to Wayne County’s board last week and he said a day later that they were saving their previous vote – after a prior deadlock – but that’s too much was late.

Republican Senate Chief Leader Mike Shiraki, who met with Trump, suggested in a Sunday tweet that state campaigners “could take full time to do their duty by law” rather than vote on Monday, adding that “to pressure It is unfair to anyone “on them.”

The deadline is December 13, but five days after the federal “safe harbor” date – when Congress cannot challenge any of the voters named by that date according to state law.

There is no evidence of widespread fraud in the 2020 election. In fact, election officials from both political parties have publicly stated that the election went well and international observers confirmed that there was no serious irregularity.

The issues Trump’s campaign and its allies point to are specific in every election.

Republican US Rep. Fred Upton, the longest-serving member of the Michigan Congress, told CNN on Sunday that “voters talked” and there was no razor-thin presidential race in the state.

“No one has come up with any evidence of fraud or abuse,” he said. He called the request to delay certification “out of bounds”.

The White House visit has come under heavy scrutiny. The legislators stayed at the luxury Trump International Hotel, and two of them were photographed with expensive drinks in the hotel bar after the meeting.

A spokesman for Shirky and Chatfield said the legislators covered their expenses and taxpayers’ money was not used. However, he did not state whether the men themselves paid for the trip or if it was paid in some other way such as by tapping into their nonprofit “administrative” accounts that accepted contributions from corporate or other donors Can.

According to a 2016 joint investigation by MLive and the Michigan Campaign Finance Network, figuring out how to run such law-making organizations that donate to them and the money that is spent can be extremely difficult. Such accounts can be used to reimburse legislators for travel.

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