Thu. Jan 21st, 2021

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (AP) – a white Iowa A police officer who shot and paralyzed a black man during a 2016 traffic stop will not get his job back.

The Cedar Rapids Gazette reported that the city’s Civil Service Commission on Monday unanimously voted not to reinstate Officer Lucas Jones. His lawyer, Skyler Limkman, said an appeal is planned.

Jones was fired in June, but not for the 2016 incident, in which critics say he pulled the wrong way and unnecessarily shot Jerem Mitchell. The city shooting continues in a lawsuit filed by Mitchell.

A grand jury refused to accuse Jones, saying he fired in self-defense after resisting Mitchell and started driving while struggling.

Instead, two days before Mitchell was shot, Jones was fired for dealing with a traffic stop in which he gave a big break to a young black mother.

According to a termination letter, Jones should have arrested the woman – the daughter of a tow truck driver who was a professional acquaintance of Jones – for driving with a suspended license and her car impounded under department policy Was.

But they let him go, his father came over to pick up the vehicle, turned off his body microphone to hide his actions and later unethical about allegedly doing so in the city during a 2017 internal investigation Gave statements

Jones testified during a termination hearing in September that the woman had no arrest warrant or significant criminal history and did not see her as a threat to the community.

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