Wed. Jan 20th, 2021

By MARI YAMAGUCHI, The Associated Press

Tokyo (AP) – Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike remains firm about being able to safely hold the Olympics next year despite growing concerns about the recent resurgence of the COVID-19 transition to Japan.

Japan has suffered a total of more than 2,000 infections across the country in this month, as the government has tried to balance preventive measures and business activities without harming the epidemic-stricken economy.

“As a host city, I think anyone who takes the game is determined to achieve that” Koike told a news conference in Tokyo on Tuesday.

His remarks came a week after the International Olympic Committee Chairman Thomas Bach traveled to Tokyo, where he held talks with Japanese Olympic officials, including Koike, in which he demonstrated his determination to pull out of the game.

Koike said the widespread use of masks among Japanese is one of the most effective safeguards, which has spared Japan a high rate of infections in the United States and Europe.

He said that many Japanese people used him as a “moral duty” in disease prevention efforts.

However, in recent cases steady climbing may question the plan to hold the Olympics. Bach said that “participants” and athletes would be encouraged to vaccinate for the safety of the Japanese public, but it is unclear how this would be detected if cases increase in the host country.

Koike has discussed with Prime Minister Yoshihida Suga how to ease the recent resurgence of the transition. Daily cases of Tokyo have also been reported in recent weeks.

Suga on Sunday announced the government’s decision to partially suspend the GoTo campaign, which encourages travel and eating to support businesses affected by the epidemic, following a wave of criticisms that his government would bar experts – Despite calls for the government to step in, it was too slow. Action.

Japan, during its seven-week emergency in April and May, made non-binding stay-at-home and business requests to close, but still did better than many other countries.

According to the Ministry of Health, there were 134,000 cases in Japan with about 2,000 deaths as of Monday. After topping 500 cases last week, Tokyo on Tuesday registered 186 new cases out of a total of 38,200 cases.

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