Wed. Jan 20th, 2021

President of The House Armed Services Committee is accusing the civilian political appointees of overseeing the Air Force’s attempt to influence the hotly contested Senate runoff election in Georgia, adding that new, sophisticated aircraft on a base in Savannah “Naturally politicized” process at the time of the announcement to deploy.

“The timing and decision to include Savannah, Georgia in the declaration, when Georgia focuses on Senate runoff elections,” Adam Sainte Smith said in a statement on Tuesday. “The Air Force no longer needs to make this decision – plain and simple – and must delay to move forward with these basic tasks.”

Democrats from Washington State were concerned before the Air Force’s announcement in the day of preferred locations for the new fleet of C-130J Super Hercules, the latest versions of storage cargo planes. He said that the process of determining where the aircraft would be located is still under review and Congress may rescind the Air Force’s announcement in its upcoming military funding bill. Smith was also unaware that the service was considering adding a fourth installation for the C-130 that would accommodate its plans for Georgia Air National Guard Base and the 165th Airlift Wing.

Air Force Secretary Barbara Barrett(Staff Sergeant John Alderman / Air National Guard / DVIDS)

Smith said, “I am disappointed that the Air Force married today’s announcement, the service’s historically repetitive, transparent, and deliberate strategic base process, which so far has helped to understand the baseline decisions by political influence.” is.” “If the Air Force moves forward, the service risks downgrading the strategic base process and may force Congress to take action to secure the base-making process so that congressional action or election results are potentially compromised.” To be influenced by. “

Barbara Barrett, a spokeswoman for the Air Service and Secretary of the Air Force, did not immediately respond to an on-record request for comment.

At least one of the Republican politicians involved in the January by-election almost claimed credit for the announcement as a part of his service to his home state.

The Week in Cartoon on 23-27 November

Sen. David Perdue, who faced Democrat John Osoff in the by-election on January 5, said in a statement, “This is extremely exciting news for Savannah airmen and the entire coastal community.” “As a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee and a proud senator for Georgia, I want to focus on ensuring that our women and men always have the equipment in uniform that they need to fulfill their mission , And that our state is at the forefront. That effort. “

His office statement also included the statement of Major General Thomas Warden, assistant general of the Georgia National Guard, citing “the unwavering support and leadership of David David Purdue”, adding that the new plans have put us in a position. Take this new device and make our country safer, “as well as the executive director of the Coastal Georgia Military Affairs Coalition, retired Colonel Pete Hoffman, who said the decision was” driven in large part by Sen. Perdue. ”

Hoffman also extended his thanks to Sen. Kelly Loeffler, another Republican who faces a tough runoff race against Democrat Rafael Warnock.

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