Sun. Jan 17th, 2021

By JIL COLVIN, The Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) – President Donald Trump said on Thursday that he would leave the White House if Electoral College formalizes President-Elect Joe Biden’s victory – even he insisted that such a decision was a “mistake.” “Hoagie – because he thanked them anew and baseless. It is claimed that there was “massive fraud” in the battlefields and their electoral defeat by devious officials.

“Of course I will. But you know that, “Trump said on Thursday when asked if he would vacate the building, allowing a peaceful change of power in January. But Trump – questioned for the first time since Election Day – insisted. Giving that there would be “a lot of things”. Results can change now and then.

“It’s a long way to go,” Trump said.

The fact that a sitting US president also had to find out whether or not he would step down after he stepped down, to what extent Trump has cashed in one by one in the last three weeks. While there is no evidence of the kind of widespread fraud that Trump has been accusing, he and his legal team are still working to doubt the integrity of the election and try to get voters to commit an unprecedented violation of democratic norms Still working.

Trump said while speaking to reporters in the ornate diplomatic reception room of the White House that after teleconferencing with US Army leaders stationed around the world. He thanked them for their service and jokingly warned them not to eat too much turkey, then turned to the election after the call ended. He repeated complaints and angrily condemned the officers Georgia And Pennsylvania, Two major swing states helped Biden win.

Trump claimed despite the results that this could not be his last thanks in the White House. And he insisted there had been “massive fraud”, even though state officials and international observers said no evidence exists of it and that Trump’s campaign has repeatedly failed in court.

Trump’s administration has already given the green light for formal changes. But Trump took issue with Biden moving forward.

“I think it’s not right that he’s trying to take a cabinet,” Trump said, even though officials from both teams are already working together to speed up Biden’s team.

And as he refused, Trump announced that he would travel to Georgia to rally supporters before two pro-Senate runoff elections that would determine which party controls the Senate. Trump said that Republicans rally for censors. David Pardew and Kelly Loeffler will likely hold on Saturday. The White House later clarified that he meant December 5.

One of the reasons Republicans stand by Trump and their unfounded claims of fraud is to activate their loyal base to continue until January. 5. But Trump, in his remarks, openly questioned whether the election would be appropriate in a move that Republicans could thwart voting.

“I think you’re dealing with a very insidious system. I’m very worried about that,” he said. “People are very disappointed that we were robbed.”

For Electoral College, Trump clarified that they would likely never formally agree, even though he said they would leave the White House.

“It is very difficult to believe. Because we know there was massive fraud, “he said,” time is not on our side. “

“If they do,” vote against him, Trump said, “They’ve made a mistake.”

Asked if he would attend Biden’s inauguration, Trump said he knew the answer but did not want to share it yet.

But there were some signs that Trump was coming to terms with his loss.

At one point he urged reporters not to attribute pending coronavirus vaccines to Biden. “He said don’t let him take credit for the vaccines because the vaccines were mine and I’ve pushed people harder than before,” he said.

As to whether or not he plans to formally announce his candidacy to run again in 2024 – as he has discussed with colleagues – Trump said he is “yet to talk about 2024” Want.

All states must certify their results before meeting with Electoral College on 14 December, and any challenge to the results must be resolved by 8 December. States have already started this process, which includes Michigan, Where Trump and his allies tried and failed to delay the process, and Georgia and Pennsylvania.

Vote accreditation at the local and state levels is usually the work of a minister who gets very little notice, but this year Trump’s refusal and efforts to reverse the results of the election through a fusillade of unprecedented efforts and legal challenges Certification process in the battlefield changed with the refusal he lost.

Biden won by a wide margin in both the electoral college and the popular vote, where he received nearly 80 million votes, a record.

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