Sat. Jan 16th, 2021

London (Reuters) – Face-to-face talks on the trade pact between Britain and the European Union resumed on Saturday, an attempt to find a settlement of just five weeks to go before their current relationship ends.

EU negotiator Michel Barnier arrived in London on Saturday morning for talks. He said Friday night that he was “very happy” to be back in town and would continue to work with “patience and determination”.

Bernier and Britain’s chief negotiator David Frost are working to secure an agreement with the European Union on 31 December ahead of Britain’s transition period. The two sides are calling on each other to compromise on three main issues of dispute – fishing, state aid and how to resolve any future disputes.

Britain left the block on 31 January this year and a “no-deal” final exit would cross the border, shaking financial markets and disrupting fragile supply chains across Europe and beyond – the way the world’s vast Outbreak of grape COVID-19 with economic cost.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke with Irish Taoise Michel Martin on Friday evening. According to a UK statement, Johnson outlined his commitment to reaching an agreement that honors Britain’s sovereignty.

On the key point of fishing, some media reports suggested on Friday that Britain had rejected the EU proposal on the value of the fish quota that European fleets catch in British waters that are about to be restored to Britain.

The Telegraph newspaper reported that the EU had been agreed to the right to hold Brexit fishing.

(Reporting by Sarah Young; Editing by Frances Carey)

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