Sat. Jan 16th, 2021

BAKU, Azerbaijan (AP) – Azerbaijan on Tuesday completed the reconstituted territory of Armenia under the Russo-brokered peace agreement, ending a six-week fierce battle over Nagorno-Karbakh.

Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev hailed the restoration of control over the territories as a historic achievement.

Aliyev said in an address to the nation, “We all won with a dream and now we accomplished it. We won on the battlefield and political arena and this victory opens a new era for our country.” ” Age of development, security and progress. “

Nagorno-Karbakh is within Azerbaijan, but has remained under the control of ethnic Armenian forces supported by Armenia since a separatist war ended in 1994. That war left not only Nagorno-Karbakh but a large part of the surrounding lands in Armenian hands.

In a massive 44-day battle that began on 27 September, Azerbaijan’s army drove out the Armenian army and fought deep in Nagorno-Karabakh, forcing Armenia to accept the Russia-Brocade peace deal, which on 10 November Influenced. A significant part of Nagorno-Karabakh under the control of Azerbaijan and requested Armenia to hand over all the territories outside the separatist zone.

The Lachin region, which lies between Nagorno-Karbakh and Armenia, was the last of three areas on the rim of Nagorno-Karbakh to be surrendered by Armenian forces on Tuesday.

Russia deployed about 2,000 peacekeepers for at least five years to help monitor the peace deal and return refugees. Russian troops will also ensure safe transit between Nagorno-Karbakh and Armenia in the Lachin region.

Turkey, which strongly supports its ally Azerbaijan, has increased its dominance in the region. On Tuesday, Russian and Turkish military officials signed documents to establish a joint surveillance center to ensure the fulfillment of the peace deal.

The peace deal was celebrated as a victory in Azerbaijan, but mass protests erupted in Armenia, with the country taking to the streets to demand the Prime Minister’s removal.

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