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By MARYCLAIRE DALE, The Associated Press

Philadelphia (AP) – PennsylvaniaThe Supreme Court on Tuesday questioned whether the young women who signed Bill Cosby’s alleged history of intoxication and sexual harassment studied the methodology of signature crime, with more than half of all sexual assaults involving drugs or alcohol. The 83-year-old Cosby hopes to escape his 2018 sexual assault offense as the judge summons five other prosecutors who stated that Cosby treated him in the same way he did to his victim Andrea Constand. Defendants said their testimony favored the jury against the actor and comedian.

Chief Justice Thomas G. “You describe the conduct you conduct – young women – there is literature that is common to 50% of these attacks – thousands of attacks,” Sailor said during an oral plea in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. “So how can this be a general plan?”

The prosecutor, in response, offered more precise details about the relationship, saying that Cosby used his fame and fortune to mentor women and then took advantage of it.

He had an inherent level of trust because of his position in the entertainment industry and because he positioned himself as a public moralist, “said Adrienne Zepe, assistant district attorney for Montgomery County, suburban Philadelphia, where Costand says he was The property was attacked in 2004 by Cosby.

“The signatures were isolating the women for sexual harassment and getting drunk,” said Zappé.

The 83-year-old Cosby has served more than two years of his three to 10-year prison sentence for drugging and molesting Coast, whom he met through a basketball program at his alma mater, Temple University.

The courts have long wrestled about rulings when other plaintiffs should be allowed to testify in criminal cases. The state’s High Court is eager to address the issue, and it took the first celebrity criminal case of the #MeToo era to do so. The court generally takes several months to issue its opinion.

Judge Steven T. O’Neill allowed just one other accused to testify at Cosby’s first trial in 2017, when the jury could not reach a verdict. The #MeToo movement caught up months later with media reports about the film Mogul Harvey Winstein and other men accused of sexual misconduct.

O’Neill then testified to Cosby’s reconsideration to five other accused in 2018, when a jury convicted him of drugging and sexual assault.

Cosby’s appellate attorney, Jennifer Bonzen, said prosecutors “exploited all this vague testimony” about her prior behavior and her confession that she had provided alcohol or eligibility to women prior to sexual encounters.

“They put Mr. Cosby in a situation where he was not shot. Bonzen said in arguments Tuesday that the presumption of innocence did not exist just for him, which was conducted online due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

The seven-member court insisted how many other accused are in the fair trial and how many charges should be returned. The concept went to the police in 2005, almost a year after it was a night at his house. She met him through her job with the basketball program at Temple, where she was a trustee and the school’s most famous booster. She said that she was seeking advice on a career change.

Other women knew Cosby in the 1980s as they tried to make connections in the entertainment industry, and she did not go to the police.

The defense also challenged the trial judge’s decision to give damaging testimony to the jury at a trial filed against him in Cosby in 2005 when then-prosecutor Bruce Caster refused to arrest Cosby.

The testimony was sealed for nearly a decade until the Associated Press asked a federal judge to release documents from the case as more Cosby accused appeared. The judge agreed, and Castor’s successor reopened the case in 2015, just months before the statute of limitations to arrest him expired.

Cosby, a once-loved comedian and actor known as “America’s Dad”, became the first celebrity to be convicted of sexual misconduct in the #MeToo era. The AP generally does not identify those who say they are victims of sexual harassment without their permission, which Constad has allowed. ___

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