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President Donald Trump’s frantic attempt to lose the election in the courts brought him no results in a month.

Lawyers for Trump and his allies have asked judges in several states to take drastic and unprecedented steps to separate President-elect Joe Biden’s victory. He has filed new cases and vowed to press on with the appeal.

But the amount of affidavits, lawsuits, and claims made by Trump are that they have been repudiated or often repeated by judges and election officials, some of them Republicans.

Here’s a look at where legal action is in several major states:

A judge was starting a trial on Thursday brought by state Republican Party chair Kelly Ward, alleging irregularities in signature verification on postal-ballots. The judge asked Ward’s lawyers and experts to compare the signatures on the 100 mail-in ballot envelopes with the signatures on the file to determine if there were any irregularities. Ward’s attorneys found two problems: One man’s vote for Trump was eventually recorded as one vote for Biden, and the other person’s Trump vote was rescinded as both Trump and write-in candidates in Ballot. There were votes for

The courts there have already dismissed four other cases. The Arizona government, a Republican, Doug Ducey on Monday certified Arizona’s results. In a touch of symbolism, he declined a phone call from Trump while signing the certification papers. Lawyer Sidney Powell, who recently dropped out of Trump’s legal team and was advancing wild conspiracy theories about the election, has also sued there.

Trump has been defeated repeatedly in Pennsylvania, collecting a series of scolding reprimands from Republican-appointed judges. The Third US Circuit Court of Appeals rejected a major lawsuit argued last week by Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani in an error-free demonstration.

“Voters, not lawyers, choose the president. Don’t jot down on ballots, decide elections,” wrote Trump-nominated Circuit Judge Stephanos Bibas.

The District Judge, Matthew Brann, wrote of the complaint, “One can expect that when seeking such a shocking result, a plaintiff will come formally armed with legal arguments and factual evidence of widespread corruption. ” Brann is a member of the conservative union. The Society said the campaign did not provide that evidence.

Trump’s lawyers have vowed to ask the US Supreme Court for review anyway.

Six cases brought by Trump and Republican allies in Michigan have either been dismissed or dropped. On Wednesday, Giuliani appeared in a public meeting with lawmakers and pressured activists, even threatening, to “step up” the GOP-controlled Legislature, and give Biden’s 154,000- to the state’s 16 electoral votes. Despite the vote victory, Trump was rewarded. The Michigan appeals court turned an appeal from Trump’s campaign into a challenge Friday on how absentee ballots were handled in Detroit and other issues.

The state’s Supreme Court on Thursday refused to hear Trump’s trial, to try to recover his losses on the battlefield. In a split verdict, the court did not rule on the merits of the claims, but said the case should first air through lower courts. Trump wants to disqualify more than 221,000 ballots in the state’s two largest Democratic counties, alleging irregularities in the way absentee ballots were administered. Upon urging the Supreme Court to hear the case, Trump’s lawyers said he did not have enough time to start in the lower court.

Trump’s attorney Jim Troopis said he would immediately file a case in circuit court and expected the Supreme Court to return before ‘too soon’.

Trump’s campaign filed a similar lawsuit in federal court on Wednesday. Two other lawsuits filed by conservatives are still pending with the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Powell has also filed a lawsuit, ordering the state to reduce election results.

Associated Press writer Scott Bauer in Madison, Vince., David Eggert in Lansing, Jacques Billuid in Phoenix; And Ed White in Detroit contributed to this report.

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