Sat. Jan 16th, 2021

Start youtube Videos uploaded to its site on Wednesday will be deleted claiming that widespread voter fraud or other irregularities occurred in the 2020 election and affected the outcome of the race.

New policy, Which comes nearly a month after Joe Biden was introduced as the winner of the election, goes beyond actions by Facebook and Twitter to mark posts that misinformed about the election Labels are used, but generally they are not removed.

However, YouTube’s policy will only apply to videos uploaded on or after Wednesday, excluding content shared in the five weeks since electoral voter fraud claims, or rejecting Biden’s victory.

Major media outlets declared Biden the winner of the election on November 7, but President Donald Trump and some Republican lawmakers and supporters have repeatedly claimed Trump was denied a legitimate victory due to fraud and irregularities. Those claims have spread widely on social media, despite efforts to liberalize them on social networking sites. All major legal challenges to the election results have failed.

YouTube said it is implementing its new policy Wednesday as Tuesday is marked by what is known as the safe harbor deadline. Federal law states that Congress should accept electoral votes from states that are finalizing their election results, electing their presidential elections and resolving legal disputes before the deadline that voters are actually the next president. It takes six days before voting to elect.

“Yesterday was the safe harbor deadline for the US presidential election and enough states have certified their election results,” YouTube said in a statement on Wednesday. “Given this, we will begin deleting any content uploaded today (or anytime later) that is confusing to people that widespread fraud or errors changed the outcome of the 2020 US presidential election, Which is in line with our approach to historic US presidential elections. “

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Like Facebook and Twitter, YouTube has labeled the video or provided relevant information about the election results on certain posts that claim conspiracies or claims that Trump won the contest, but the site made those claims Have not removed videos or prevented them from racking, in some cases, hundreds of thousands of views.

Traditionalists have been instigated over attempts by social media sites for election-related misinformation. In the days after Biden was declared the winner, Conservative lawmakers and supporters stepped in for right-wing platforms that claim Parler and YouTube do not contain moderate content, including the alternative rumble.

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