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If you have a lot For people shopping for this holiday season, you might be thinking two things: What can I buy that is thoughtful but also inexpensive? And what’s easy to ship? Because as the holidays get closer, they run Shipping charges The balloon will, and you will probably spend more of your money on the gift rather than the shipping cost.

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Also, it would be good to avoid the congested lines because the coronovirus is ravaging the country.

With this in mind, here are 10 affordable gift ideas that are easy to ship. Yes you can Order anything They have gifts sent to a friend or relative’s home from and from Amazon, Walmart, Target and many other online retailers. But if you are looking for something more creative, you can try to move a little further down the beaten path.

Online classes

Gift someone online class – no shipping required. is offering a two-for-one holiday deal (two annual memberships for $ 180). Most classes have about 20 lessons that are 10 minutes each and come with a PDF workbook. There are some big names associated with these classes. Neil Degrees Tyson teaches scientific thinking and communication. Doris Kearns Goodwin teaches US President History and Leadership. Natalie Portman teaches acting. Penn & Taylor teach a magic class. This is a basic gift idea that can last someone for several months.

The photos

In the old days, you could take some pictures of your children, and then buy a frame, and then you would submit it to the post office. Not that it was an outrageous result, but it was a bit of a process. Now, you can send those photos to a website like, order a frame or place the photo on a mug or blanket and have the company send it to your family or friend.

Subscription boxes

Subscription boxes have exploded in popularity over the years. Trade Coffee (starting at $ 13 a month), for example, will send you new bags of coffee every month, and a new 8ml bottle of perfume (Skeinbird ($ 14.95 per month)). There are subscription boxes for books, plants, jewelry – and the only downside is that you will pay for this gift every month. You might want to put one Time limit on gifts, Unless you want to buy a gift every month.

Magazine subscriptions

You can go old school, and instead of cheese or toys or candles, you can send someone a magazine subscription, like The New Yorker, People or Good Housekeeping.

Man boxes

This may sound like an outing from 1955, but it is a very good idea: a gift for those who come in a wooden crate, with a crowbar to open it. Now, you may get distracted by the idea that this is an inexpensive gift, since some of the gifts are very pricey, but if you are just giving a gift to a gift, you can argue that it is not very expensive. is. There is also a purchase there, a deal getting 50% off is going on until December 23, and so that will make it less expensive if you are buying a gift for two people.

You can get things like the Breakfast Making Kit ($ 79.99), a whiskey connoisseur crate ($ 129.99), an exotic meat crate ($ 109.99). For example, inside the exotic meat crate, you will find lots of jerky – elk jerky, wild boar honey bourbon jerky, an ostrich jerky stick and more.

Gift card

You will not blow anyone away with your creativity, but you will likely receive a big thank you. If you’re not sure What gift card to send, Sites like will allow you to purchase gift cards from various retailers such as Target, Best Buy, Home Depot and others, and the gift card you want will be emailed.

Lottery ticket

They are generally not very expensive – usually a pair of rupees per ticket – and you can slip them into a card. But you must know the gift well. In other words, you don’t want to send someone a lottery ticket to develop the problem of gambling, and because of that, even some lottery ticket companies suggest not giving lottery tickets as a gift to a minor. Huh.

stuffed animals

They are lighter, and therefore the shipping cost will be slightly lower than the rock garden you were thinking of buying and shipping. Sure, you can buy stuffed animals at many retailers and if you wish, you can send them through the mail, but you can look at a website, which sells only stuffed animals. Want to send a baby stuffed crocodile? A Stuffed Rattlesnake? Maybe Dart Tree Frog or Dinosaur? The site also houses his and traditional teddy bears. Shipping costs in the US range from $ 5 to $ 13. If you spend $ 75 or more, it is free.

Celebrity greetings

It may be cheaper than you think, or maybe not. You’ve probably seen TV commercials for cameos. You can ask a celebrity to record a greeting to a family member or friend. With some actors, you can get a greeting for $ 20 or less. Mostly, though, buying a clip on is going to cost you. For example, if you have a parent who loves “The Brady Bunch”, you can get the $ 140 figure, it’s totally worth Barry Williams, who plays Greg Brady Are, to record a personal message for their gift that they will potentially end. For the year. (If $ 140 is too much and your mom or dad also loved “CHiPS”, which went on air a few years after “The Brady Bunch” ended, actor Larry Wilcox would offer a personalized message for $ 40 . “

An experience

The experiences are fun and can make great gifts. This has been a year where experiences have been in short supply, and buying some experience is not very practical right now. But don’t dismiss it completely. For example, a lot of theaters are providing gift certificates with no expiration date. This can be a good way to support art and give a loved one a gift for the future. But since we are all generally safe outside, if you have someone on your mind who can enjoy a good road trip, you may want to consider giving them an annual pass that allows them to visit any national park Will give. The National Park and Federal Recreation Land Pass is $ 85 (it’s $ 80, the website states, but there is a $ 5 process and handling fee). This will cover you and three with adults 16 and older; Children under 15 years of age do not have to pay admission fees.

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