Sat. Jan 16th, 2021

By Kathleen Raune, The Associated Press

Sacramento, California. (AP) – Government of California. Gavin Newsom has recently been adding veteran political operatives to his inner circle as he enters the second half of his term amid a difficult phase of the epidemic and as he tries to overcome the recent political stumbling block Has

Newsome on Friday named former Warner Bros. executive and White House press secretary De Day Myers as director of the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development. She is joined by Jim DeBoe, a California consultant advising on state capital and statewide political campaigns, as the senior adviser to the governor. Newsome, a Democrat, has named several other top employees and agency heads in recent weeks.

It is not uncommon for a governor to change staff for several years in his term. Susan Kennedy, who served as Susan Kennedy’s former deputy and chief of staff, said an epidemic that turned into an upcoming agenda in Washington and an incoming Democratic administration, and it makes sense to see widespread change . Gray Davis, a Democrat, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Republican, respectively.

“You’re in two years, you’ve got a presidential administration with a lot of Californians moving to Washington, and you’ve got a big crisis that set your agenda and skill sets,” she said.

She called Myers “MVP”.

“He could hardly do better at bringing someone in his caliber at a time when he was facing a really challenging recovery,” Kennedy said.

Newsome is facing renewed skepticism over the state’s latest wave of coronovirus trade lockdowns and a steady decline over its decision to attend a birthday party at a luxurious restaurant urging Californians not to gather with friends Is coming

The Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development has been without a leader since April, when its former director stepped in to deal with personal issues. Myers joined the administration in an informal capacity in the spring and helped advise a task force on jobs and economic reform.

He most recently served as executive vice president of communications and public affairs at Warner Bros. He also counseled key clients on crisis communications for the Glover Park Group and is a director of high-end hotel and casino development company Wynn Resorts.

And she knows politics. Myers was former White House press secretary to former President Bill Clinton and had previously failed in Sen. Diane Feinstein’s 1990 Gubernatorial campaign.

Newsom said in an email statement that Meyers’ three decades of experience gives him “the ability to work across sectors, ensuring that our recovery is built on common ground and common solutions.”

Beyond Myers, Newsom’s new additions include Debut as senior advisor, allowing him to officially play a role that is informally held. Debbie’s communications firm lobbyed on behalf of key clients including the California Medical Association and the California Apartment Association and he worked for a former assembly speaker. He is also campaigning for major statewide voting measures. Observers say Newsom’s staff has indicated to them political thinking and a desire for better relations with the state Legislature, but this may raise questions about access to special interests for the governor.

On Monday, Newsom called Thomas Argon as the new director of California’s Department of Public Health, another important task in the state’s epidemic response. Sonia Engel resigned from the job in August after a data glitch led to an undercount in coronovirus cases, leaving the state through one of the most difficult parts with an interim director. Arag√≥n was a health officer in San Francisco.

Sherry Bebich Jeff, a professor of public policy communications at the University of Southern California, said Newsom needed to improve its communications with the public and rebuild trust.

“I think the next year is the key for him,” she said.

Other changes to Newsom’s top staff include the departure of his communications director Nathan Click, as well as his legislative affairs secretary, Anthony Williams. Angie V, a Newsom adviser and former staff chief of the California Labor Federation, is her new legislative affairs secretary.

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