Sat. Jan 16th, 2021

Indianapolis (AP) – A Alliance of something IndianaThe hospital’s top hospital systems have warned facilities are struggling to cope with the increase in COVID-19 patients – a reminder that coronovirus is spreading rapidly in the state despite the arrival of the vaccine this week .

COVID-19 patient numbers have been hovering above 3,000 for about a month, with Indiana hospitals being treated more than four times in September and administrators fear they may be overwhelmed soon.

“The Indianapolis Coalition for Patient Safety, which represents many central Indiana health-care systems, local hospitals are increasingly facing a crisis,” it said in a statement on Monday.

The state’s health department on Tuesday added another 129 COVID-19 deaths to the state’s death toll, a figure of 6,968 confirmed or estimated coronovirus deaths since the onset of the epidemic. The agency also reported another 4,347 confirmed cases of the disease, bringing the epidemic to a total of 434,642.

During an online news conference on Monday, hospital coalition members said they were almost overwhelmed by a record number of coronovirus patients and painted a grim picture of what unfolded in their emergency rooms and intensive care units is. He also appealed to members of the public to wear masks and stay away socially and participate in in-person holiday celebrations.

December is usually a busy time for hospitals due to flu cases, respiratory infections and other factors. Hospital leaders said they have been challenged by coronoviruses and by a large number of employees who are working and unable to work.

Indiana University Health is treating COVID-19 patients more than its facilities, as does the Chief Quality and Safety Officer of the health system, Dr. Michelle Cesana said. If Hoziers does not change its behavior to reduce the spread of the virus, the situation may worsen, as any increase in COVID-19 cases leads to an increase seen in Thanksgiving celebrations that coincides with Christmas. – meets together.

“It’s a real concern for us,” Cesana said. “The holidays are coming back. The way they line up can be a bounce above a bounce. “

Franciscan Health Indianapolis has treated a record number of COVID-19 patients almost every day for the past two weeks and has had to prevent transfers from other hospitals, said Dr. Christopher Dohling, vice president of medical affairs.

“It’s definitely stressing us,” he said.

Eskenazi Health chief nursing officer Lee Ann Blue said health workers are out of the labor-intensive task of treating growth in COVID-19 patients.

“The work is physically and emotionally exhausting and you can see it in their eyes,” she said.

Jean Patnam, assistant chief nursing officer for the Community Health Network, said that due to visitor restrictions, nurses should die alone every day without their relatives, who only die due to stress.

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