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Berlin – After days of pressuring the EU medical regulator, Germany’s health minister said on Tuesday that he had received assurances that the European Medical Agency would approve a coronavirus vaccine by 23 December.

Health Minister Jens Spahn told reporters in Berlin on Tuesday that he had “welcomed” German media reports stating that the EMA finalized its approval process for the Pfizer-BioNotech coronavirus vaccine on 23 December, rather than the 29 December meeting Will give.

“Our goal is an approval before Christmas,” Spann said. “We still want to start vaccination this year.”

Spann would not say who he had received confirmation from and EMA could not immediately be reached for comment when he would release his findings on the approval process.

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Russian officials said vaccination against COVID-19 with the Russian-developed Sputnik V vaccine began Tuesday.

President Vladimir Putin ordered the government to introduce “mass” vaccination in Russia two weeks ago, even though the Sputnik V vaccine is still undergoing advanced studies necessary to ensure its safety and effectiveness. Shots have been offered for several months to medical practitioners, although the vaccine was still in the midst of late-stage trials, and more than 150,000 people have already been vaccinated in Russia, according to its developers.

Health Minister Mikhail Murashko said the vaccine had been delivered to all Russian regions on Tuesday, and shots were being arranged for more than 1,200 medical facilities across the country. Medical workers, teachers and social workers are the first in the line to receive shots.

Russia’s state coronovirus task force has confirmed more than 2.7 million cases of pandemics and about 48,000 deaths. The Russian Sputnik V vaccine controlled criticism internationally by a move in August, as by that time the shots had only been tested on a few dozen people.

Brussels – The Belgian cities Brugge and Nokke-Heist plan to put checks on shoppers coming from the neighboring Netherlands to avoid scuffles on their streets during the festive season.

The Dutch government announced on Monday the closure of non-potential shops in a barely five-week lockdown. By 19 January, cities close to the Netherlands border are expecting a major influx of Dutch shopkeepers.

“Like the billets, the Dutch would like to do their Christmas shopping,” the local Mayor of Bruges, Dirk de Fauw, quoted local broadcaster RTBF on Tuesday. “We have to be on our guard.”

At the coastal resort of Nokke-Heist, local officials said police and stewards would manage traffic in the shopping street and can close the roads leading to the city which is famous for its endless sandy beach as they have the border It is not right to shut down. .

PARIS – As the holiday season approaches, France’s Prime Minister Jean Castex is encouraging France to self-combat 8 ​​days before Christmas, rather than taking an automated coronavirus test.

Speaking on Europe-1 radio on Tuesday, Castex said that such an approach prevents labs and pharmacies from closing. He also indicated that children may choose to leave school on Thursdays and Fridays so that they can begin self-control.

France is lifting a lockout imposed on Tuesday 28 October, but strict measures are still being taken as the infection is still high. There will be a nationwide curfew from 8 am to 6 am, which will be lifted on Christmas Eve, but not on New Year’s Eve. Theaters and theaters will remain closed as bars and restaurants.

Colombo, Sri Lanka – Sri Lankan officials said on Tuesday that more than 3,000 COVID-19 cases have been detected in the country’s overcrowded prisons, as infections are also increasing in the capital and its suburbs.

He said that 2,984 prisoners and 103 guards have been confirmed to have the disease in seven jails across the country.

Sri Lankan jails are overcrowded, with over 26,000 prisoners with a capacity of 10,000.

Earlier this month, eleven prisoners were killed in a pandemic-related riots inside a prison. As unrest is increasing, prisoners increase COVID-19 cases with better facilities and care demands. Inmates have held several protests inside jails in recent weeks.

Sri Lanka confirmed cases since March reached 33,477 on Tuesday, including 154 fatalities.

Colombo, Sri Lanka – The Maldives President’s Office says it is discussed how to provide a “humanitarian response” to requests from neighboring Sri Lanka to allow burial for Muslims who died from COVID-19.

Presidential spokesman Ibrahim Hood said on Tuesday that President Ibrahim Mohammed Solih had received a request from Sri Lanka to look into the possibility of allowing such burials.

“The request has been received. We are currently considering and discussions are going on about what would be an appropriate and human response, ”Hood told The Associated Press.

Such a request was not immediately confirmed by Sri Lanka.

The Sri Lankan government announced in March that it would cremate the bodies of all those who died of COVID-19, saying that coronoviruses could contaminate groundwater.

Sri Lankan Muslims have urged the government to allow burial, citing their religious beliefs. They accuse the government of denying Muslims basic rights without scientific basis, as many countries of the world allow for burial.

TAIPEI, Taiwan – Taiwan aims to vaccinate 60% of its population with the COVID-19 vaccine or 15 million people, a health official said on Tuesday.

Taiwan has signed an agreement with COVAX to purchase a COVID-19 vaccine, but is also actively in talks with vaccine companies that have candidates in Phase 3 trials for a potential bilateral agreement, Jing-Hui Said Yang, deputy director Central Epidemic Command Center. COVAX, a global plan to evenly distribute the vaccine, has not yet begun sending shipments of vaccines.

Yang said that the island would first give priority to vaccinating health workers and essential personnel. Later, the vaccination campaign will target the elderly as well as those who have chronic diseases.

Officials expect vaccines to arrive early next year. Still, a vaccination campaign will take time, and won’t end in just a month or two, Yang warned.

SEOUL, South Korea – South Korea has reported another 880 new cases of coronavirus as it slipped into the worst wave of the epidemic yet.

This brought the nation’s casinos to 44,364 on Tuesday, the 38th day of a steady increase in daily scores. There have been more than 10,000 infections in the last 15 days alone, most of them from the densely populated Seoul metropolitan area, where health workers have been battling stunted infections at various places including hospitals, long-term care facilities, restaurants, churches and schools .

The death toll after the death of 13 COVID-19 patients in the last 24 hours was 600. The Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency said that 205 of the 11,205 active patients were in critical or critical condition because of the potential shortage in intensive care units to increase fear.

Critics say the viral resurgence of the country minimizes the risk of encouraging economic activity at least months away. The government lowered social security restrictions to the lowest level in October, despite concerns about sluggish growth rates, despite experts’ warnings of viral growth during the winter.

The government reinstated some restrictions over the past few weeks, such as closing night clubs, closing in-school schools, and the need for restaurants to deliver and pick up only after 9pm.

WASHINGTON – Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar and Surgeon General Jerome Adams emphasized the safety and effectiveness of vaccines, raising issues of social equity.

Officials spoke Monday at George Washington University Hospital to introduce vaccination of health care workers in the nation’s capital.

Adams, who is black, said it would be a tragedy if COVID-19’s disproportionate impact on communities of color worsened due to hesitation in getting the vaccine. “We know that lack of trust is a major reason for reluctance, especially in communities of color,” Adams said.

Azar said vaccines bring hope, but “that hope doesn’t matter if we don’t work to the point” where widespread vaccination and ending the epidemic. So he called on Americans to avoid responsible behaviors such as avoiding travel and ceremonies, maintaining social distance, wearing masks, and washing their hands repeatedly.

TORONTO – Canada has given its first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Ontario’s five front-line employees are among the first Canadians to receive the vaccine at one of Toronto’s hospitals.

Three personal support workers, a registered nurse and a registered practical nurse who work at the Rekai Center Nursing Home are among the first to receive it.

Ontario received 6,000 doses of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine on Sunday night and plans to deliver them to about 2,500 health care workers.

Quebec, a resident of two long-term care homes, would be the first to receive the Pfizer-BioNotech vaccine in that province.

New York – Coronavirus vaccination has begun in New York.

A nurse from Long Island Jewish Medical Center in Queens was found in the village. Andrew Cuomo called the first shot given in the state’s campaign to vaccinate front-line health care workers.

“I hope today. Relieved, ”said critical care nurse Sandra Lindsey after being shot in the arm.

The head of the hospital system, Michael Dowling, stood above Lindsey as a physician, Michelle Chester, dosed him. Cuomo watched through a livestream.

All four played applause after being shot. “It is light at the end of the tunnel. But it is a long tunnel, ”Cuomo said.

This story has been corrected to show that the French Prime Minister encouraged his nation to self-isolate for 8 days before Christmas, not 10 days.

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