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Tally Technologies is a financial services company that helps qualified users pay off credit card debt. Founded in 2015, the California-based firm provides an app with tools such as a dashboard to view all credit card information in one location, and a loan manager to customize plans to pay off existing credit card debt. Borrowers who have at least a 660 credit score can tap into Tally’s credit line to get a lower interest rate on the loan they hold. Tally also provides late-fee security to customers.

Best counter

  • You can organize all credit card information in one place.
  • The Tally app analyzes spending and optimizes debt management planning.
  • You can access a line of credit with a lower annual percentage rate than higher-interest rate cards to help pay off the balance.


  • There are lines of credit to pay the loan uploaded on the Tally app.
  • To qualify you must have a credit score of at least 660.

What is Tally used for?

Tally is a credit card consolidation smartphone app. You can view all your credit card balances to get a big-picture view of your overall debt on a single dashboard. The app also optimizes a debt management plan. You can apply for a line of credit used exclusively to pay high-APR credit cards registered on the Tally app. For example, you cannot use a tally line of credit loan to make purchases or finance improvements.

How do tally personal lines of credit work?

Tally offers its app users a line of credit after analyzing borrowers’ credit card profiles. Tally will potentially provide you a loan with a lower APR than what you are currently paying on your credit card. Tally lines of credit are used only to pay off existing credit card balances. Once you are approved, Tally transfers the higher APR balance to the line of credit, then pays on the current balance. Instead of paying each credit card bill separately, you will make a monthly payment to Tally instead.

What are the Tally conditions, fees and discounts?

The Tally app is free to download. Tally lines of credit have APRs ranging from 7.9% to 25.9%. Credit card balances with high APRs are transferred to the tally line of credit, and the card issuers are paid directly by the tally. If some cards have a lower APR than the tally line of credit, the company will make a minimum payment toward the remainder of the card until the lower rate is exhausted. With this you can take advantage of promotional interest rates.

Tally charges interest on the amount you borrow from your credit line to pay those high-APR credit card balances. You will not pay an annual fee, or a fee for origination, prepayment or balance transfers. Tally does not guarantee any late fees on cards paid from your Tally Line of Credit.

With the Tally app, you can select a You Pay or Tally Pays feature. If you choose tally paid, the company pays the card every month using a credit line. You receive a bill and repay Tally. If you designate a card as payment, you are responsible for paying the card issuer.

How can you qualify for a tally?

First of all download the Tally app. Then, sync all the credit cards you hold. Tally will review the balance and payment history on those cards. You can qualify for an individual line of tally to pay off credit card debt based on your outstanding balance, interest rates, spending behavior and credit score.

How long does Tally take to deposit money?

If you are approved for a tally line of credit, the company transfers the high-APR credit card balance to the loan. Tally automatically pays your monthly details using your credit line, which are deposited into the Tally account you set up on your app.

What credit score do you need to use Tally?

To qualify for the Tally Line of Credit to pay off credit card debt, you need a 660 credit score. Tally also looks at other factors, including:

  • Current credit card balance
  • Credit card interest rates
  • Payment History
  • Spending behavior

Is Tally iconic?

Tally is not recognized by the Better Business Bureau. Tally’s app is rated well on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

For customer support, Tally’s team is available Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm Pacific Time. However, the company recommends emailing For help.

What is the Tally application process like?

Tally’s application is more than a sign-up process, which happens after you download a smartphone app. You will answer some personal questions and upload your credit card information. Then, Tally will analyze credit card balances, interest rates, behavior and payment history. Tally draws your credit score to ensure that you meet the minimum requirement of 660. The sign-up process takes about 10 minutes.

What are some additional features of Tally?

Tally Advisor automates your loan payments, and the company calls it “Robo-advisor for credit card debt” because it offers a customized plan to pay cards based on monthly spending activity.

Tally Credit Card Manager is an app-based dashboard that allows you to view all your credit cards in one place. You add a credit card to the app and get a complete snapshot of your finances.

Best for Tally:

  • People who want to strengthen their credit card
  • People who want to manage debt better
  • Those who like to use technology such as apps to view and pay credit card balances
  • People who have at least 660 credit score

Frequently asked questions about Tally

Q. Does tally harm your credit score?
A. When lines of credit are approved, the tally performs a soft credit check, which will not affect your score. If you choose U Pay instead of Tally Pay then your credit score may get hurt and you fail to make monthly payments to the card holder on time. Finally, if you pay off credit card balances and reduce your credit usage rate, your credit card score can improve by using the tally.

Q. How does Tally make money?
A. Tally does not charge for its app, and there is no annual fee. Tally earns money by levying interest on money borrowed from her credit line.

Q. Is the Tally App worth it?
A. If you have a credit card balance and are having a difficult time managing debt, the Tally app can gather your credit card information in one place and analyze your spending. You can use debt management tools and set a target date for payment of the balance, and Tally will establish payments that align with that goal.

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